View From The Roads

The month of September prompted me to present Yorktown, Virginia located by the Coleman Bridge which takes you to the Middle Peninsula. If I’m not sightseeing, and I just want to hang out, have a burger or dinner; enjoy some Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, take a sail on the Schooner Alliance or simply plop by bottom on one of the many benches overlooking the York River this is where I go.  I would say that of the three – Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, the latter is my favorite place to relax, although choked with history.  Also, out of all the rivers in this area, the York River is by far the best, hands down – clean, large, and an estuary, which means it is a free connection to the sea, in this case the Chesapeake Bay.  This bay, in turn, empties into the sea.  If you’re reading this, you need to close your browser, and hustle on down to The Riverwalk at Yorktown, Virginia, and enjoy the day.  And, if you’re hungry for history, that’s here as well.


Thank you to:

Google – Wikipedia – Schooner Alliance – Riverwalk Landing & Williamsburg Area Marketing who supplied information for this site.


10 thoughts on “View From The Roads

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