The Price of A Bullet

When I thought to write of this latest school shooting, I said to myself – do I really want to take on this topic?  But, the brain would not go another route.  So, here I am, out here in the dark, possibly headed in a bad direction.  But, here goes.  Another traumatic and sorrowful event in the halls of learning outside of Cleveland, Ohio has grabbed our attention.  Yet the latest fatalities to plague our already fragile children.  We are well aware, this is not the first such incident as this, however, I certainly hope it is the last.  My only child is done with her years of education, but I cannot imagine having this type of news given me, and I then, had to rush off, praying each mile I drove that all remained well with her.  If you are an older person reading this post, think back if you will.  It’s the ’60s or ’70s, and you have some type of run in with another student.  Maybe it’s something where a young woman/young man, someone you already disliked, talked to your boyfriend/girlfriend or some uninvited person took your seat at the cool table.  There may have been some inappropriate pushing and shoving, but the worst of it would have involved a promise to meet after, where one or the other would certainly have his or her butt kicked around a bit.  And, the most dreaded of this would surely mean it all would take place in front of a host of other students.  Excuse me, but what happened to those days?  Is it not fashionable to go home any longer with a black eye or a bleeding lip.  Can I simply ask, when it went to carrying guns.  I don’t know about you, but it outrages me to think of metal detectors in these corridors – what has happened to society?  Let me also add, I’m not condoning violence of any kind, I would simply have my child come home with a bloody nose, than not come home at all.  Am I right?

I remember my husband and I having a conversation about Hip Hop/Rap music.  We both came to the conclusion that in order to put us in the category of our parents, moving us into old age, times had to become drastically different.  But, I’m left asking, does that also include the sanctity of school.  We all know it’s already difficult being a teenager – so many changes going on, but shouldn’t this be a happy place.  And, yes I understand this is not happening because some deranged person came in from the street to inflict harm on our children – these occurrences have been due to students, someone already in attendance.  My next question would have to be, have times become so drastically changed that we’ve also lost touch with our young people?  I recognize in this age, things are certainly difficult with all the social networking, which has led to more out-and-out open assaults – one child to another, but would it seriously make you a bad parent or an old-fashioned one to tighten the screws. And who cares as long as it got the job done.  Yes, I also understand that’s not always the case.  Also, we cannot attach ourselves to our offspring ever hour they are awake.  But when, where and how did things get to this point?  When did the meaning of life become the same as the price of a bullet?  I guess my question is, what is the correct answer?

As adults we are aware how mean children are to each other – this is something a child won’t recognize.  But, are we not supposed to pass down the same learning we received from our parents?  Have we become so caught up in problems outside the home that we cannot catch sight of a predicament happening right under our nose?  I think morals has a lot to do with it; the ones going down the drain, taking our families with it, as well as this country.  Just imagine for a minute – how horrible would it be to have a belief system set in place for that son or daughter?  Okay, here and again, one of them slips under that wire as well.  But, for the most part, I think that is still the better way to go.  Last week, a sister writer, Jenn Nixon, wrote her blog on bullying, probably for the same reason I’m writing this.  She mentioned how she had been harassed in her young years.  For a short time, I myself came under this intimidation.  Bullying has been around since the stone ages.  In fact, I had tons of photos to search through on the topic, and I must say just perusing them caused me to become nauseous. Jenn, and I both understand now, the problem did not lie with us.  However, how does a young mind accept that the attacker has difficulty with jealousy or self-esteem, while in the throes of a provocation, even if it has been explained to the attackee over and over.

There have been groups formed to combat this problem, “No Bullying” signs put up, as well as other measures, I am sure.  But I must say these troubles begin at home.  Unfortunately, school is becoming, more and more, the place where these dysfunctions are exploding.  It is an awful thing for a stable child to suffer, and have to deal with the wrath of another person’s malfunction  – with their life or simply by coping with the mental stress on them, and their friends.  I’m leaving the floor open – what do you think the answer should be? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Picture courtesy of iStockPhoto