D-Day 1944

Coast of Normandy

We here in America, parts of Europe, and Canada have gone about our regular duties on this day like any other day.  While channels on the television bombard us, and will continue to bomb us with history shows regarding June 6th, the remainder of the week.  In my mind, like President Roosevelt spoke of December 7th, we should carry this day on our shoulders like a freedom badge.  Before England, the United States, and Canada entered World War II, the Nazi movement marched north, south, east and west, headed toward their desired one thousand-year reign.  It’s U-boats trolled the North Carolina coast in this country, while setting up headquarters in Paris, France.  In thinking of all of this, let me ask a question.  Does anyone reading this realize we would speak a different language in America if the movement had succeeded?

As I’ve mentioned before, my age has mysteriously turned me into a history addict, with this particular war being high on my list.  And laughing, but not considering it funny at all – me as an African-American, what would have become of my early family?  Can anyone undoubtedly profess that my race of people would not have gone the way of the dinosaur?  Or that a host of camps would not have dotted this part of the world, as did Poland?  We, in this case, must always remember our grandfathers, uncles, even grandmothers who gave of their time for the cause.  The history programs interview the survivors from that time, flashing back to a picture of a nineteen or twenty year old-young man or woman leaving home for the first time.  I’ve heard it said that a person ages, but their eyes never change.  Unfortunately, glaring into the face of one of these seniors will never reveal the images that marched in front of them from that era – that is, the ones that made it out.  There are, however, not a host of survivors from WWII as it took place almost seventy years ago, placing the people still living far into their eighties, and beyond.  I, personally, had no family members involved; my uncles were babies, and my grandfather had too many children.

I recall my first visit to Hawaii, and our tour of Pearl Harbor.  I had no family members there either, but what an emotional day.  Being up close and on top of the Arizona, which is considered a graveyard – it all required a box of tissues to get through it.  On that note, it is heart wrenching to watch these gentlemen relive the taking of the beaches leading to that part of Europe.  You watch the recounting of these events while, Don’t Get Around Much Anymore plays in the background, because this is what the men and women left behind.  The troops move equipment into place, setting up camp in parts of England, passing youngsters jumping rope while they had only an inkling of what lay ahead or why the soldiers were even there in the first place.  Although none of us truly know why it took this country so long to rally an interest, let’s thank God someone finally came to their senses, and for more reasons than saving the language.


Privacy #FAIL

I had this particular piece all ready to post last week, and for whatever reason, it just didn’t sit right with me to publish.  So, here I am, one week later, and I’m still running it through my head.  But, it got the best of me – it won.  Seven or so days ago, I read some scuttlebutt about certain places demanding your Facebook password when applying for a job. I immediately went to Google and entered this into the search field.  There were a couple of stories discussing some government agencies in North Carolina actually requesting applicants log into their FB account while in their interview.  I then read of a real instance where passwords have been requested making this truth, not fiction (FB passwords).  I’ve been informed that if I want to become an author, I can’t pick sides or let me say, show controversy.  And, for fear of being categorized with Ann Coulter, I shudder to go on, but you know I will.  I am a natural citizen of this country, and there is a little thing called…..”uh, let’s see……what is it?” she groaned, tapping her finger against her chin.  Oh, right….the Fourth Amendment.  That being said, where do I begin?

First, I’d ask that you sit back for a minute or so, and have this issue soak in, if you will.  I’ll help by reminding you – yes, this is America and, no, you did not blink or fall asleep, waking up in another realm.  Some years ago, a co-worker expressed concern toward me, because he thought certain things sent me into irascibility.  Okay, he said excited, but it means the same thing.  But, come on – that cannot pertain to me alone, can it?  I must say, however, that is one of my most unfavorable states on anyone.  But, when I’m enthusiastic about something, it is where you’ll most likely find me, I guess.  And, yes, I know I brought it up, but, for my sanity can we not use the word irascible?  Humor me, if you will, and call it passion – please and thank you.

In 1974 our government enacted a little something called the “Privacy Act.”  Now, can someone not having to pass a bar exam or some other major test, take the time to consume the pages and pages of this mind numbing, ridiculous double talk that some other (government) agency has now loop-holed to death?  I’ll give you a  minute to decide if you want to protest that comment.  Okay, moving forward.  It took me the longest time to make the decision to obtain a FB account.  This is – if you haven’t guessed by now – because I am a very private person.  However, in order to promote me, and my work, I cracked.  Of course, I also hobnob with my peers (other writers).  But, I consider some employer needing to view my FB page or requesting that I provide them with said password as invasive as it gets. I’ve read, and heard it categorized right up there with handing over the keys to your home.  I’m not discussing the employer or their employees on FB.  Therefore, what would necessitate their having to look it over, and even if I were, it all falls under the heading of PRIVACY.

On occasion, at certain markets here in Virginia you’ll notice on your receipt, the store has invited you as a patron to go online, and complete a survey for a chance to win, whatever.  I have, two or three times, done so.  Before completing the study a couple of the questions ask your nationality, income, and age.  Yes, I know they use this information to help with their demographics, but they’ll have to use another guinea, because my winning their contest is not pre-determined by my age and income.  Again, all a part of PRIVACY.  In addition, this little ditty is tied to, yet another law – something called DISCRIMINATION if you remember that – laws, laws everywhere, but none that cannot be bent.

I think we have unfortunately entered an age where there are more rules than one cares to handle.  But, what seriously confuses me is this.  Where are the morals that I thought got handed down, one, two, and three times from our grandparents to us, to the ones now a part of the law makers?  Is this the price of progress?  Shouldn’t these rules also apply to the statute makers?  Does it burn my butt, because I work in the legal profession – exposed to more or because I work for a Fourth Amendment attorney or is it due to the fact the simple premise of right and wrong is a part of my nature?  I say if any decree gets put into place – let’s begin with revamping that “Privacy Act,” find the loop holes, close them up and start again.  I’m sorry, has the entire country – all regulation makers and company heads gone berserk?  I think a giant “STOP” sign needs to go up somewhere.  We need to just say “HALT,” go back and begin again.

As I rub my crystal ball, I envision a time when we’ll all have to call for permission (I don’t know who), take a drug test, stand in line for a notarized pass, take a specially marked commuter train/bus, just to go to the market to pick up that receipt to enter this weeks contest.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this country of my birth, but where will it end?  Or is this just the beginning?  Is it only a matter of time before this outrageousness reaches every state, every Human Resource Department?  But, before I ask you to give your opinion – let me tip you off.  There is a little something called Changedotorg – I dare someone to log on, create their own ruling that screams – STOP! Care to weigh in?

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