“Oneness” of Mind


I’d like to begin today’s post by admitting my brain is not what it used to be.  Therefore, I must do this right up top or I’ll forget.  I’ve been in this blogging game for five months, and forgive me as I’m still learning blogosphere etiquette.  With that being said, I’d like to send a hearty shout out, and a mention of two new writer buddies/sisters/bloggers; my new west coast connection Nutschell who has awarded me an amazing and wonderful blogger prize. And, secondly my down under sister/writer Stace who I’ve mentioned before, but neglected to provide a website address.  She has kindly given me the Versatile Blogger award.  Please make your way over to these sites and give them a hearty thumbs up.

Moving on, the other day I read an article entitled “In Search of Silence.”  Now, you have to know if I read it, the topic would spill over here.  The author mentioned how so many people allow noise into their lives for various reasons; one being to keep the mind off of everyday problems.  The article talked about searching out silence, and how some folk on the other hand let in the racket.  It all made me think of the need for quiet and the differences in individuals.  Let’s begin with the television and radio people. We all know someone who has too much calm and permits the sound of one of these devices to fill the void or emptiness.  I know though, there are one or two of you out there crying, if only.  We know in city living one has to pursue serenity –  yes, in our own home it has to be sought after and planned.  Something akin to instructions that are given on surviving a tornado – close yourself in an interior room, just to escape car horns, traffic, sirens, alarms, construction, etc.

Those of us who have children at home or have had them, know full well about this treasured commodity or should I say are very familiar with how far they have to go – how much they have to give up – how long they have to wait for this prize.  I understand the word doesn’t mean the same to all: some are very chatty and have a difficult time restraining themselves, while others breathe a sigh of relief thinking, finally a time to regroup.  There are still others who are alone, and stay at work or just out until the last hour so that when they finally arrive home, it’s simply to fall into bed and to sleep.  This way they don’t have to deal with the isolation/silence. Which brings me to my next group – the only child.  They have learned to be alone since birth.  But being by yourself – at peace with yourself and having the ability to relax the intellect are three separate things.  In other words, just because a person has experience in being alone, it does not mean they can corral their brain to one thought.

I could never understand my next group who feed on commotion; needing it as sustenance.  The more children there are around, the more talking there is, the more that person comes to life.  Almost as though their life’s fulfillment rests on pandemonium.  I’m even shaking my head as I write this – that’s how challenging that type is for me.  But, what am I getting at – what is all of this about for me?  We all know we need tranquility, that’s silly.  I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m one who believes, you not only require peaceful surroundings, but having them leads, I believe, to a healthier mental state.  Our city dweller has learned to displace sound, but that’s not a total absence of noise.  I’m talking about clearing the head down to a single thought; a practice known as meditation.  (On a side note, living with the noise and shifting to quiet is also an issue).  But, Webster’s College Dictionary describes this as: continued or extended thought; contemplation – the “oneness” of mind, so to speak.  Some spend lots of money on the study, even though the technique takes years to develop, if at all.

Stop and think about this. Are you running around all day worrying or thinking pessimistically – ruminations of things that could happen – may happen?  Is worrying going to make it go away or resolve the issue?  Does anyone know that big book on life, the one no one ever wants to talk about; it says, “So do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries and anxieties of its own.  Sufficient for each day is its own trouble.” Now, I’m not promoting eastern philosophy, because I’m a Christian, but that big life book does preach meditation. Therefore, instead of negativeness going around and around – pick one thought that’s positive.  And go ahead, you can call it meditation.


About a Dream

Does anyone out there remember the movie “Made in Heaven” with Timothy Hutton and Kelly McGillis?  Timothy Hutton dies in a freak accident, goes to Heaven, and meets Kelly McGillis who has never seen earth, since she took life in the afterworld.  During their “thing” Kelly has to come to earth, and is delivered down the hallway of a hospital to her new parents.  Timothy finds there is a chance he can go back, and with this in mind, begs the person in charge to send him.  After some discussion, and a softening heart the Administrator breaks, and allows his request.  But, there is a snag; he is given a decree.  He must find Kelly before his thirtieth birthday.

That being said, I have a dear friend who demands anonymity, but who comes to me at least once a month with a story of a dream.  She has also agreed to the leaking of this little tidbit.  As she describes the passion, I listen with dumbfounded amazement, while she speaks through eyes that are without doubt, someplace else.  In the sleeping vision, she and the mystery man are never tangled in the physical – it’s always about true passion; lots of kissing, caressing, holding each other and staring into one another’s eyes.  She explains the fervor with almost (I can imagine) the same amount of heat experienced while in the middle of this reverie or maybe it’s me catching the fire.  She states, they go to concerts, a movie or merely hang out, talking.  However, never just conversing or watching the screen – it’s all done as they hold each other.  He examining her soul, she studying his.

As she is of advancing years, the young man in this delight would definitely place her in the “Cougar” category.  A person she has never met, yet comes into her night once every thirty days to terrorize her with promises of a forever love, and revealing his ability to satisfy her every whim, physical or otherwise.  But, my question is, what does it all mean?  I would like to think that like her, this young man, whomever he may be, is also encountering visits from a mystery woman.  A lady he could never begin to make plain, if asked, which would explain why everyone he has met falls short of his requirements.  Similar to Timothy Hutton in the movie, only our stranger is wandering aimlessly, never understanding his nonfulfillment.  The unfortunate fact in this picture is; they will never meet – can never come face to face as they are both out of their time – unknowingly – one just like the other.

Therefore, how long will she be haunted?  There is definitely a psychological reason for the torment. I say torment, because no sane person can live hanging on a dream; waiting for the next visit.  I don’t proclaim to have any knowledge whatsoever with regard to matters of the mind.  Thus, I’d like to sum this up as symbolic of an unresolved issue somewhere in the recesses of her brain.  However, in the meantime, and if we agree a nameless young man does exist, these two untimely lovers are doomed to have no future other than wandering in and out of, and disturbing each others slumber.  I would love to hear anyone else’s thoughts on the matter.