Never Forget

Today we commemorate another Memorial Day, and although this is the unofficial beginning of summer, this post will not be for that reason.  It is to honor the men and women across this country, living or gone on who have served in the military or is serving today.  Is there someone in your life who wears this honor?  We must never forget them, because each one made or is making a sacrifice to fight for this country’s freedom – it could have been the giving of their time or the ultimate surrender.  Regardless, we must always remember, and show our appreciation.  Thinking back to the early days of our country is cause for even more celebration, because without what those men gave would put us at war among ourselves – a country divided.  But, nevertheless, I’m certain somewhere along the way we would have gotten on course.  However, lives would still have been lost to accomplish the goal.

Unlike third world countries or communistic governments, we here in America are blessed with many freedoms, and it’s because of each man, and woman who unselfishly gave of themselves that helped to keep those liberties in place.  Living in the area I do, makes me even more aware of those forfeitures, because if you listen very carefully when driving along the streets and highways, you can here the foot soldiers making their way through the woods on the way to their nearby camps in Yorktown, Jamestown and Williamsburg.  Or at Fort Monroe in Hampton, Virginia, a Fort identified as a strategic defensive location, and used present day as a training facility, up until 2011 when it closed.  Therefore, from the Revolutionary War to Korea to Viet Nam to the Gulf to the Iraqi War, thank you all for your noble service, either for someone else’s independence or our own.  I will never forget.