Guest Authors/Bloggers

Hey everybody:  Making a quick unscheduled stop to let you know beginning tomorrow, and every Friday through November 16th, I will host a guest author/blogger, right here on this spot.  I’ll begin tomorrow with Janna Shay, author of Fair Play, a romantic suspense.  Please stop by and show your support by leaving a comment, won’t you?


One Year Later

One year ago this week, we were all joining in the celebration of the now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  At that same time, I busied myself preparing to go live with my website.  Where did that year go?  I could not lend this week to some other post – I had to, myself, take some time to celebrate this anniversary.  As I look back over the year, I have learned quite a bit about this on-line venture.  I have found there really is internet etiquette; dos and don’ts if you will, and some of the lessons, believe me, came about the hard way.  But, it has all put me in a position to keep my head down, and add another rung on the ladder to achieving my goal of becoming a published author.  It has taken me twelve months to find structure for this page, and after some thought I realized it would be very difficult to restrict myself to only one topic.  Therefore, I think the format has come down to writing, recipes, news, and a sprinkle here and there of travel; not necessarily in that order.   One of my writing peers, at the outset of this attempt advised me that my readers would let me know what they wanted, and that has definitely happened.

The minute I went live, I also took on the enterprise of Twitter and built myself a Facebook page; two actually, one personal, and a Fan Page.  All of this, mind you, just to get my name out there and shout, “Hello world, I’m joining the ranks.”  Now, I must say, if you Google – Veronica L. Singleton (you must add the L.) – you’ll probably get five pages of just me.  I guess that means, I’ve been a busy bee building my hive.  Which reminds me, even if you’re not on FB, I certainly would appreciate your clicking on the “Like” button to the right of this post.  That would increase my numbers for my Fan Page.  I think after a few weeks of posting this blog I began asking, but for whatever reason it has been extremely difficult to grow those figures.

If you’ve noticed, I have guest bloggers on my site occasionally – I will make a concerted effort to increase this over the coming year, I pray.  What else have I discovered?  You must be alert at all times; always keeping an eye open for new avenues.  Also, there has been a lot of talk about befriending people, and not actually meeting them, which is basically what happens on Twitter and through your blog.  I mention that, and recall a car commercial where the parents are out tooling around the countryside while the daughter is home reading her FB page.  The parents have about 19 friends, and their girl has over 600 (I’ve still not been able to figure that out).  Anyway, I have a very sarcastic nature – usually, leaning toward the funny side, but sometimes not.  With that being said, it is very difficult to remember these new acquaintances don’t know me.  Therefore, I always need to go with a nice approach first because otherwise it comes off as just rude.  But, of all the things, while just as in real life edification goes a very long way when talking to people on the internet.  Which confirms that we do, indeed, live in a different age.

My whole point is that if you want to be a writer, you must keep plowing ahead.  I’ve had people leave comments, asking how to begin a blog.  There is only one answer – just do it.  I remain attached to my writing group from New Jersey and whatever they are doing new, I’m always following right behind – I simply shout, “Wait for me,” then I jump right on the wagon.  I want to thank each and every one of you who follow along each week, and those who have been here since the beginning.  I appreciate your loyalty, and I hope you’ll hang in there with me another year.  Together we’ll watch the horizon, and keep an eye on where this journey leads.

Okay, keeping this simple, Facebook will not allow a person to become a friend if they do not themselves have an account.  However, if you do, and wish to become friends, I am at Veronica Truesdale.  Even if you are not on FB, you can “like” my page, so please come on over to Veronica L. Singleton, and do so.  Also, as I said earlier you can simply click on the “like,” to the right of this post.  And one last thing – I am guest blogging again today at a friend’s site, Nathan Rudy.  Why not pay a visit, take a peek and leave a comment, won’t you?  Thanks again.