Meet Veronica

Veronica is a displaced New Yorker now living in Virginia via New Jersey.  After twenty years as  a legal secretary/paralegal, she made the decision to become serious with something she had long considered a hobby; since childhood she loved making up stories, concocting plots, and flirting with poetry, probably because of her own voracity for reading.  After all, her mother always said, “she reads everything.”

Then, in January of nineteen ninety-nine, an epiphany; a small voice instructed her to turn that hobby into something real. Although having a grandmother who would have loved to see her singing, playing the piano or the violin, (never, ever well enough to secure an income, and now three completely forgotten abilities) Veronica’s talent instead surfaced on the blank pages of a note pad/computer screen.

Her first membership with any writing group generated articles for their newsletter.  Those works went on to also be published by other chapters.  Specifically, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada; San Diego, California; Las Vegas, Nevada, and New Orleans, Louisiana.  All of which provided even more encouragement to continue forging ahead.  Now, with over ten years in the business, the plots and sub-plots have spilled over to enough pages to fill three novels, coming up on four.  Her work comes from a place deep inside, and her women’s fiction and children’s books reflect that truth.

Veronica is a member of Romance Writers of America where she also holds PRO status, and Liberty States Fiction Writers. She attended the Gotham Writers’ Workshop in Manhattan; has worked as a freelance writer for two local newspapers in Southeastern Virginia, and contributed to yet a third. Although, plowing toward obtaining a contract on one, and finally all of her novels, she enjoys over thirty years of marriage, reading, music, travel, and exploring. She encourages you to come back to this site often to keep tabs on her success.

“Writing is easy.  Just put a sheet of paper in the typewriter and start bleeding.” – Thomas Wolfe (1900-1938)


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