A Memorial



The time has finally arrived for me to move my writing forward, and in doing so developing and publishing this blog.  However, how could I ever imagine going this far without my best friend, my strength, my mother?  I have reached the seven year anniversary of that loss.  As this blurb may seem sappy and possibly glum for many, for me it serves not only as a memorial, but the writing of it, for the most part, is as therapy.  I laugh, I smile, but for anyone who has lost a mother knows, the chuckles, the grins are only facades for the pain and loneliness continuing to linger.  Now, with all that said, advancement into the future is the number one priority; after all she would want that.  Therefore, with my memories, and her in my heart I push on, knowing she’ll be watching and sharing – only from a new perspective.



The grief of losing a mother strips away everything ever known;

yet it leaves everything she ever taught.

Grief shatters the heart, crashing it to the ground, breaking it into a million pieces;

but the blood shared while in the womb still courses its halls, driven on by her lasting love.

In a dream she comes to me;

the smile she brings makes all the difference as it echoes through the corridors of the soul-

attesting her lasting love.  The upturned corner of her mouth assures me not to worry,

for she has found peace; a complete freedom from strife, never known on this side.

And the day I thought she went home to be with the Lord, I looked in the mirror, like any other day.

But, today, there she stood peering back at me.  Because, you see, she never really left at all;

she simply came to live in me where I will never be without her lasting love.




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4 thoughts on “A Memorial

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