Most Sought After Job

hot-dog-free-vector-art-800x565Each year as colleges/universities send out the next batch of contributors to society, there is always a new profession on the hot plate. This has stood true through the ages, and straight up to today; with each decade. In the Forties this country had gone to war, meaning an abundance of jobs were available in factories. The Fifties and Sixties also secured work for the general public in manufacturing, construction work and women – moved out of the kitchens, and into the office. Granted this does not cover what a person’s favorite work would have been. My statistics only cover available positions. I can imagine, however, someone in town wanting to become President, or the local Physician. But, thinking back, with each group charging the work force, there has always been complaints of : “There isn’t anything in my field.” That phrase always crops up. So don’t let any numbers fool you – from the Sixties right up until yesterday. Now, can you recall what you wanted to do since the age of…..oh, I don’t know…..four?

With all that in mind, in 1936 the nephew of Oscar Mayer – Carl G. Mayer – created the very first version of what is known as the “Wienermobile.” If you live in America you are aware of this fun looking vehicle that’s driven from city to city. The reason for this hot dog mobile – to promote and advertise Oscar Mayer products, of course. I do understand, in 1969 it even made it all the way to Europe. Now, although that first model came off the line with just enough room for one driver, the new versions have voice activated GPS, an audio center with a wireless microphone, and a horn that plays the wiener jingle – remember that? It plays an array of genres from Cajun to Rap, and everything in between. By way of history, there are eight (8) vehicles in existence, but only six (6) full-sized.

To the fun stuff. In 1988 the company instituted the “Hotdogger Program.” That is what the driver of one of these icons is called, a Hotdogger. But, there are requirements. You must be a United States citizen, and a college senior ready to graduate. This, the most sought after job in the nation, is only for one year; applicants can expect their employment to run from June 1st of one year to the following June 1st. Imagine this on your resume? I’d liken the experience to traveling around Europe for one year, “finding myself,” right? I think somewhere, long ago, I may have caught sight of one of these mobiles around town. And, if you’ve ever run into one of stardom anywhere, this Wienermobile works the same; even though you’re right out of college, driving this vehicle catapults you to celebrity status. It produces frenzied waves, and squeals of delight like a small child, while jumping up and down. Even while trying to keep your own car in the road as you attempt to get the driver’s attention. Who would believe that, but it’s true. Again, we humans are strange animals, yes?

This odd, but delightful American icon has stood the test of time, even if it did have to be parked for a while in World War II – all because of fuel consumption. This, however, is one thing I’d like to go back in time to achieve. After all, doing so has to give a person the impression of contributing to the uplifting of this country’s citizens, don’t you think? Even if it is a mere hot dog. I’m sure nephew Carl had no idea how much ruckus his machine would cause throughout the years. Has all this talk of hot dogs made you hungry? It’s made me hungry. You know where I’m going, yes? And, I need it grilled with mustard and relish, or maybe chili, cheese and onions. Oh, yum. Okay, that’s all until next time.

Info courtesy of Fox News, & You Tube


4 thoughts on “Most Sought After Job

  1. I never would have guessed that! But traveling around the country for a year and getting paid for it would be pretty cool!

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