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18876137_sA few weeks ago, I posted a blog entitled Give Caesar His Due. Since that time, I heard a very interesting tidbit in the news, and thought it definitely fit as a follow-up to that post. What did I hear? Talk of a new tech gadget called a Business Microscope. Whenever I hear that phrase, in my head I’m imagining a huge microscope with a tiny human splattered between two slides and shoved under the stage clips. What do you think this microscope does? For one thing, it keeps track of those work place wanderers, drifting from desk to desk socializing, which if you remember is something I mentioned I have done on occasion. This new little gadget is made by Hitachi, and comes in the form of a badge. Someone, in that company thought this piece of equipment would boost productivity. Really?

Of course, from what I understand it does need a second badge with which to communicate – they sort of talk to each other. However, there are no consequences at the moment. If you are caught doing something wrong as in meandering, it simply gets reported. I’ve heard some say harsher penalties, like receiving some sort of shock should be put in place. Of course, the mention of tasing someone, I hope, had been mentioned as a joke. Now, the correspondent reporting this story had his own list of places and types of people he thought should receive punishment for their deeds. Namely:

Toilet Talkers – People who take their phones in the bathroom with them, and never stop conversing;

Microwave Marauders – Someone who brings in a smelly lunch dish everyday, and heats it in the microwave with absolutely no regard for their co-worker; and lastly,

Elevator Crowder – Actually he had two types in this instance. The young person discussing their weekend, and the older one talking about objects, like their yacht, while in a crowded elevator.

I gave some thought to this doohickey, and my employer. I wondered if it could be set up to monitor how long a person spends in the bathroom – not talking on the phone, but taking care of nature, or how many times they go throughout the day. Here I’d like to inject a funny story. A law firm I worked for some years ago took on a new secretary. The poor thing had such a hard time adapting, she made many trips to the restroom, and would spend long minutes hiding out in there, I’m sure. Moving on; how about those trips, morning and afternoon to the coffee maker. Then, there is the employee returning late from lunch. Does that person get a device to monitor when they left and what time they return? I don’t know, but for use in this country – I’m peering in my crystal ball, and perceiving yet another unconstitutional contraption. Just one other thing to provide more job stability for that Supreme Court Judge.

I haven’t conducted any surveys, but I can pretty much say with confidence there are so many people who hate their jobs. Then, there are the ones who chose their careers at the end of high school with their heads, and are now wondering how they ever did that. I remember an attorney I worked with who used to ask himself everyday why he picked that profession. After awhile, just getting up in the morning to go to that place of employment is a job in itself. How then, can an employer possibly think tracking a person’s movements during the day to increase productivity, will seriously do just that?  Personally, I think that would push a person out the door faster than a bolt of lightning. I want to work for a company because they are fair, they accept me as an adult, and show me that I’m respected. Does something like this, speak appreciation? I don’t think so. What do you think? Would laying under a microscope make you want to work harder? One last thing, if you think my image for this post is disturbing, isn’t this entire idea?

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4 thoughts on “New Tech Gadget

  1. I agree. This gadget won’t fix the problems. I’m glad people can still say, “I hate my job,” and look for another. That’s a big freedom. And, yes, this is disturbing. There are many disturbing concepts being introduced into our society, like friendly little drones zooming around our communities to help out. But I’m more disturbed that it’s lawful to kill babies in this country. Still.

    • That is definitely disturbing. Personally, I think the entire world has gone crazy, and we have to know that Our Maker won’t sit around much longer allowing it all to go on.!end

  2. This is nothing new, just a major upgrade in technology. Back in the day, I worked for a company that used time clocks to track productivity of their employees. You would have to punch in and out of each job you did, in and out for lunch and bathroom breaks. I stayed in this little fiefdom 3 months. Everyone was miserable and hated the place.

    On another point, the firm you worked for would not by chance rhyme with “rehab” would it?

    • Eileen!!! The attorney who regretted he chose that profession – Yes. The poor girl running to the bathroom for many minutes at a time – Yes. I had one job in my life with a time clock, and like you I didn’t last very long – maybe six months.!end

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