Snow- Little or a Lot


Central Park/New York

What a week, huh? I may move my blog to Friday, just so I can capture all the events in those seven days. This week, and last, the weather afforded me two Wednesday’s home in a row here in the southeast United States. While everyone in the northeast secretly as well as out-and-out, laughed at the southerners, because no state in this direction is equipped to handle two and a half inches of snow removal. Believe this or not, however, there are areas here in SE Virginia that did receive six, or more inches. Anyhoo, in the north in blizzard conditions, nothing stops moving. When I lived in Queens I remember dressing in slacks, sweater, coat, scarf, gloves, hat, stockings, socks, and mukluks if necessary; walk to the bus stop, and yes, it showed up – after which I’d get to the train and head off to work in Manhattan – on time. In New Jersey I’d wait to leave home at around 9:00 a.m., depending on how much snow had fallen. But, basically you wait for the county/state to clear the roads, then you head out and make it to work by 10:15 or 10:30. Of course, by then everyone else had made it to work – which explains my thinking.

Many years ago my friends, as well as myself developed the attitude, no one looks out for you in the workplace, but you. Since we are all adults and understand responsibility – it goes against my belief to wait for my employer to say –

“Okay, you can go home now.”

You reach that point in life where priorities change – time off becomes like gold, and your comings and goings are not dictated by that heavy thumbed employer. If I know the weather is getting bad, or if I sense I’m going to have a problem from “jump,” I either take the day off, or I go to that employer early on and say –

“Uh, I’m not waiting for it to get bad, I’m leaving now.”

Seriously, you just have to take a stand. Also, if you noticed, I didn’t say I asked  – you have to stand firm, and say you’re doing whatever.

Of course, even in the north there have been instances where it took me three or four hours to get home, because of the weather. Thankfully though, we all arrived safely. This all brings to mind the horrific incident in Chicago a couple of years back when hundreds of people were stuck on Lake Shore Drive overnight, unable to get home. And, this is an area well equipped for such conditions. But, I guess with the lake, there are times when you get those lake effect snow storms that move in so fast and furious that one can’t get out of the way, so to speak. But, I must say, I have never – ever heard of businesses closing due to three inches of snow.

Early Wednesday morning, hubby went out to check the roads and go for more coffee. Upon his return, he reported the grocery store around the corner being the only thing open. Business upon business, and restaurants were all shut down. And, believe this or not, as of last night, one of the local stations still broadcasted school, business and organization closings for today, Friday – three days later. I must say, this is our tenth winter in this area, and I still cannot get used to what a scant of snow can do to a town unprepared. However, at the same time, to witness icicles hanging from a “Welcome to Florida” sign, and inches of sleet on the ground surrounding that sign gives you pause, don’t you think? On the other hand, in just a few short months, we’ll ALL be complaining from the other end of the spectrum –

“It’s just to hot to go outside. I’m going to stay right here in my house where it’s cool.”

Why? Because we humans are strange animals. Am I right?

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