Oh Baby Baby

I thought, who would want to read about, or watch a video that went viral a few weeks ago of twins in a bath. In researching this I read a comment on You Tube, which described the scene as creepy. That also made me wonder if anyone would have an interest. Especially, since some of my readers probably already caught the news story, as it did make National news. Three weeks ago the video had received over five million hits, and as I’m typing this the number has risen to over twelve million. On the other side of that leaf, however, I did read lots of commentary where people said they just couldn’t get enough – they had to watch, over and over again. I, myself saved it to my favorites on You Tube. I must admit, the first day I heard of the story, I did click play about four or five times. But, when I decided to write about it, that had been the first time getting back to it since my original visit.

So, you can call it a hormonal thing that it struck me the way it did, or maybe it’s simply because I’m a woman. The fact that I almost cried when I first viewed this confirmed, yes, I’m a girl. What a rare glimpse of nature at it’s finest. You and I won’t be able to watch these two grow, but having a peek allows us to understand the special bond twins have their whole life through. I heard it said, these two didn’t know they had already been born. But regardless, I believe, along with others this is what they did in the womb. That being the case, we can now comprehend what it is when one adult twin is hurting, and the other, no matter how far away, receives that sixth sense telling. The science behind fraternal and identical twins is somewhat complicated, because among other things, it encompasses the stages at which the egg divides, or doesn’t. This, of course, determines whether they will share the same amniotic fluid, or not.

Children are God’s little miracles, and when you watch these two, you would have to have a tug at your heart. Even if you never wanted children, there is something about that tiny individual, and how they are so totally dependent on us adults. That dependency hits us at the most basic level. It’ll get you every time, and maybe not right away but, eventually (a couple of days or hours) it will set off the alarm on that old natal clock, if you will. In watching the babies, you can tell which child probably made it in to the world first, and who followed, don’t you think? For me, I would have to say the dark-haired infant pushed through first, and in such a case, will lead the other for life. Wouldn’t you say the light-haired baby appears needy? I would seriously be surprised if it were the other way around, but I have been known to be wrong before – LOL. Let’s just say, whoever made it here first will lead the other for life. This experiment reminds me of one I caught some time ago of placing an infant in a pool. It is believed the child automatically holds its’ breath, because it remembers being in the womb. I’m no scientist, but I did, however, witness it with my own eyes, and that is indeed what happened.

In closing, and for that person who called this whole thing creepy, I certainly have some sadness in my heart for them. As I think of the comment, however, it may just be immaturity speaking. What I envision watching these two? Everything is so right with the world; they so need each other, and if one is fussy, he, or she is guaranteed the other sibling is right there for comfort. I said it before, and I have to say it again – twins are the only beings that have this kind of bond. This whole thing, however, leaves me a little wanting – yearning for two little ones of my own, but, that time for me has come and gone. Not to worry though, give it a day or two, and believe me, “This too shall pass.” Leave me a comment and share your thoughts.

Video courtesy of YouTube.com


5 thoughts on “Oh Baby Baby

  1. I loved this video. I saved it too. What a great writing style. I have bookmarked this page. I will be back.

  2. Aw. That is precious. I have identical twins, and one seemed to me to be super dependent when first born. She’s the one who wants to do her own thing. Her sister, the more outgoing one, gets upset when she has to play/work alone. They are so different in personality, but there are times when I have to study their faces to know who is who. And they are not above the switching game, acting/dressing like sister to trick people!

      • The second is more outgoing and likely to decide to call the shots. The first one is determined and independent and will only allow her to lead in social environments where she feels shy. So they take turns leading in their own areas of expertise. Of course, they fight when they don’t agree. They are also super protective of each other.

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