Take Your Parents to Work Day

15887411_sWell, I know I’ve heard and seen many things in my life, but I must say this one gave me a tickle. First, let me ask – how much comfort, or uneasiness would this cause? Taking the parents to your place of employment, that is. Reading this article lead me to interesting words, and phrases such as cosseting and helicopter parents. I understand baby boomer parents have made this phrase popular by hovering over, or cosseting (coddling) their children. I need to begin with my own daughter. At the age of ten, she and I took a mother/daughter outing to the Bahamas. In those days I smoked. After exiting our flight, and arriving inside the terminal, I realized I had left my carton of cigarettes in the overhead compartment. I found a fairly uncongested area, instructed her to remain there, and not move until I returned. By the time I did, she had gathered every piece of luggage, and a porter. He had it all neatly stacked on his cart, and the two of them stood patiently waiting for Mother to return. Need I say more?

The writer at CNN mentioned how some parents have made their children’s lives miserable by calling perspective employers, and asking questions that have absolutely nothing to do with them; the parent. I must say, I think that would put me (the daughter) right up there at being mortified. I cannot imagine what a mother or father could possibly have on their minds in doing this. It reminds me of an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. Robert goes for a meeting with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and his mother butts in by faxing the interviewer.

Like I said, mortified. Did I digress, again? I think so. Back on track; tomorrow – Thursday, is the official day. If you have not already lined up your parents, it’s time you get on the phone to do so. This extravaganza is sponsored by – you ready? LinkedIn. I understand twenty-eight (28) companies in fourteen (14) countries will participate in the event.

I know there are many people who do not have the best relationships with their parents. Then, there are still those who do, but can’t fathom such a scenario. You know, the inevitable stories of you in the bath tub at three, your potty habits, or how as a child you liked to pick your nose. I don’t know – it came to mind, and I had to throw it in. In searching my memory, I don’t think I ever had an instance to take either of my parents to my place of business. Would I have wanted to? Well…..my mother could turn in to one of those potty story mothers. Actually, thinking about it, I’m pretty sure I learned independence on my own. My mother would have wanted me to remain at home until – forever. She would say all the time – “I want my girl to go from home, right to a home with her husband.” Very old-fashioned, my mother. But again, the parent gets to understand what that “Millennial” son or daughter does in the work force. Funny, I found the need for that word again, I think I mentioned it last week as well.

Anyhoo, if you can keep your mother or father’s mouth closed about how you wet your pants at the little league game, or the Easter Egg hunt of 1988, then this thing might be a go. There is a funny story hubby and I still laugh at today, which involves his mother. Many moons ago, actually we were newly married. He worked for this fairly large engineering firm; Gibbs and Hill with offices in Manhattan. My mother-in-law, at my apartment, had answered the telephone while we were out. I don’t remember why she had been there alone. In any event, we walked in after having been gone for maybe an hour, and she proceeded to give him a phone message. “Junior, someone called from Gibson Hill, and they’d like you to call them back.” Moral of this story? First thing? Before you take those parents off to work, make certain they know how to pronounce the name of the company. That’s  important, don’t you think?

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