The Innocence of Children

287526_sI caught this story on cable news Wednesday morning and, I don’t know, I right away thought it the most adorable thing I’d seen in a really long time. Since it does involve a youngster, I don’t know how many of you will stick around to read on, except maybe a Triberr acquaintance, Bruce Sallan, Dad Chat blogger on Triberr. In any event, country church, or Vatican City, children will definitely be children. I must say, this is such befitting behavior for a little one, and he appears no older than four. Regardless, as a mother it stole my heart. It appears this little guy, we don’t know how, wandered on a stage with the Pope as he gave a speech in Vatican City. And, in the middle of around 150,000 people who were in attendance.

What do you do with these inquisitive children? Nothing. You have to allow them to express themselves and explore. Although, in such a large crowd I can’t imagine what distracted Mom that she didn’t notice him dashing off. But, right at the podium he stood, and strolled, and swung his arms – touching everything he could. When the aides tried to take him away he reached for the Pontiff’s legs, as though for protection, until they simply decided to let him have his way. I loved watching the face of His Holiness when a smile appeared once he realized the child would not surrender to authority. Through all of the goings on I’m envisioning a mother with her head in her hands, because now she can’t bear the sight. Hey, she may had even slipped deeper in to the crowd and left her son in the care of whomever came with her.

My mother used to tell a story that always made me blush. Here is a three-year old at the regular Sunday morning service. Just like any other squirming three-year old, I’d break free from her death grip, and off I’d go; straight to the pulpit. She said, I’d walk around behind the minister, swing my arms, climb in the Pastor’s chair, then turn around and swing my legs, sing, and attempt to get in the choir box. You see, that’s where Grandma sat. What’s worse, every time she’d attempt to gather me up, Pastor would exclaim, “Mary Louise, just leave her alone,” and right in the middle of the service. So there you go. I do, however, remember my own daughter wanting to bolt down the aisle on a Sunday morning but, maybe I had more strength than my mother. Actually, I do believe, my daughter relinquished to discipline better than yours truly.

What a story this made that it turned up on more than one news station. Although, I’m certain we had a mortified mother, through that frustration she will, I’m sure, tell this story for many years to come, even to the grandchildren of her determined son. Funny thing though, if he is indeed under five years old, his mother can tell him of this occurrence until her face bleeds, he simply won’t remember. I also believe Pontiff will tell this tale for quite some time, especially since I’m sure it is a first. Imagine your own son or daughter catapulting you in to this situation, and we’re not talking the country church around the corner. Although bad enough, this venue involved Vatican City – the Pope; known around the world. But, after all of this, I do believe mother will have this claim to fame, “My son does nothing little. When he goes for something he heads right to the top.”

Image courtesy of

NBC News

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