We Have A Breakthrough

19055714_sI am so excited about this news, I had to share.  Yeah, yeah, I know you’re all thinking I finally received that long awaited publishing contract.  Unfortunately, no, but I do believe that will be the next breakthrough.  Anyway, somewhere between fifteen and twenty years ago I developed a little something called “Anaphylaxis.”  A very nasty condition that can make a simple bee sting life threatening.  Sounds like someone’s name doesn’t it? Anna Phalacsis.  I’ve done lots of thinking about this disorder, and decided that it could possibly be related to the environment; like many children born in the seventies, affected by in-toeing (pigeon-toed).  I don’t know, but since I’m not a research physician, I don’t believe I will ever find out.  Anyway, all of my physicians have a “red” note on my file indicating this fact, because that is how it all began – with medication.

Did you know that N-saids (which includes aspirin), certain antibiotics, tranquilizers, bug bites, as well as certain foods will bring about Anaphylactic shock?  Ever since childhood I have been bothered with insects.  I could watch a friend get stung by a bee where she’d itch for a couple of hours, and I’d get stung by the same type bee and have the need to visit the emergency room for special ointments, and creams.  And, as if all of that were not bad enough, I’d also have to deal with an appendage swollen double its size for at least seven days.  The last time I dealt with something of that nature, I had recently become engaged.  I remember it like yesterday – my neighborhood had their usual summer solstice “Block Party.”  I perused the food table and went to pick up a paper plate.  Little did I know a yellow jacket had an interest in the same plate; he got me right on my ring finger, just under the ring.  Probably one hour later, my fiancé (now my hubby) had to run me off to the emergency room.  So, yes I avoid any such wasps like a forest fire.

In any event, I went from bees, to pills, and then, the dreaded shellfish allergy.  I mean, it’s like my body went on protest, against itself.  My best buddy “detests” any type of seafood – shell, or otherwise.  We’d always have this battle while in the Bahamas; I’d want my spiny lobster, and of course, she would turn her nose up more than any human could get a nose.  Do you love shellfish?  Who remembers the Eddie Murphy movie version of Dr. Doolittle?  Remember the woman with the shellfish allergy?  Regardless of what she had to endure, once a week she’d show up in the ER swollen like a thanksgiving balloon.  Which, I understand is the most serious reaction.  From there your throat can swell shut, and well…there you go.  My reaction has always been in the form of hives.  As much as I LOVE shellfish, I couldn’t get next to waking up at two in the morning with the literal itch from hell.  Unfortunately, no “EpiPen” can resolve that issue.

I recall, shortly after we moved here – one of the country’s shellfish capitals – Hubby and I went for lunch at the Hilton Hotel in Virginia Beach.  When you walk in to the main restaurant, there is an outrageous Raw Bar immediately to your right; it caught me by complete surprise. What did I see?  What called my name from their snug little ice beds? Clams on the half shell.  I, right away talked him in to sharing a dozen.  He did, because he always believed that somewhere along the way the allergy would leave.  He always says, “Just try it and see.”  Well, before I could get in bed that night they struck back.  Like I said, the itching is just not worth it. And, regardless, if something had been cooked in the same oil as the shellfish, believe me my body would give it away. So, what is my wonderful news?  Hubby and that one physician who told me I could somewhere along the way lose this type allergy were, after all – correct.

On Saturday Hubby had Garlic Shrimp and Saffron rice. Since I’m pretty much use to the fact I can’t have this, it doesn’t bother me any longer.  For some reason though, I had a stirring, and I said to him, “Hey, you know what, let me have a couple of those.  I want to try them out.”  And, with me, my body responds the worse to shrimp.  I tell you, like the clams it served as my Dr. Doolittle moment.  However, I ate three…can I just tell you how scrumptious they were?  Back in the day, Hubby, and I would line the table with newspaper, break out the crab mallet, the nutcracker, and begin our crab fest.  Since this allergy came about, I’ve had this tugging at my heart, because what guy doesn’t like sharing his most favorite thing with his best girl? Well, on Sunday when I woke up – no itch.  I decided to have more for dinner.  The real news?  It’s Wednesday, and WHOO-HOO, NO ITCH!!!  Thank You Lord. Can you hear me?  Can you see me dancing?  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna dance off to find the largest lobster my wallet can handle.

Image courtesy of 123rf.com


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