For Me It’s Road Rage

7159397_sDoes your spouse do something that makes you crazy?  Things of this nature are not anything a person wants to admit, or want to share with the world. But, I listened to people calling in to a radio station to answer this question while riding in the car with my husband.  Not only did I get a kick out of everyone’s answer, I laughed until I cried listening to my husband agreeing with a caller who had the exact same complaint about his wife.  So, in order to write this post, yes, I have to divulge a behavior that I’m not proud of, and one that I admit is unwise in this day and age.  But, at the same time, it’s something I can’t seem to control – road rage.  Let me tell the story through the radio caller’s voice, then maybe it won’t hurt as bad.

I’d like to begin though by saying, I do manage to keep it clean. No swear word will come from these lips, or obscene gestures, but you will witness flailing arms, hands banging on the steering wheel, and loud, dastardly remarks. This poor guy explained how his wife becomes as though she has been possessed by a demon, and the voices come from a place he has never known; a deep throaty, baritone voice, one that could not belong to a woman. I have to admit, the whole time my husband is shaking his head in affirmation.  He points at the radio, and then at me – back at the radio, and again at me.  And, since I am well aware of this, like I said, all I can do is laugh.  Would you like to know another little secret?  The guy that called in, he and his wife are from Buffalo, New York.  Okay, that could be the factor, but who knows.  I do know however, as I always say, once a New Yorker always a New Yorker.

I will also admit, I have the patience of a Saint with most things, but the second I sit in that driver’s seat, a second person takes over.  Nowadays, there are many distractions, and people who are already challenged with driving should not attempt to do so while on the phone, reading text messages, or directions.  Don’t scoff, but I have literally seen a person driving while trying to read a book.  Yes, READ a book.  Let me share a few things that will surely secure a bad reaction on my part.  In this State a driver can make a right turn on a red light – if the way it clear.  Here I am, traveling down the street, less than one block from the light, when someone decides to pull out in traffic to make her right turn.  I, in turn, have to slam on the brakes, and lay on the horn, all to bring her attention to what she has done, while she throws her hand out the window – saying, I’m sorry.  Sorry won’t count when I hit her broadside or get caught on her bumper. Another example – I’m driving along minding my business, and depending on where I am, could be ten miles over the speed limit; someone decides to ride my bumper to force me to speed it up.  Excuse me?  Do that, and you have compelled me to slow down.  You have also, definitely earned some hard looks from the rear view mirror.

When someone drives inconsiderately, I interpret it as their attitude toward life.  If a person is privileged, they will handle themselves on the road that way – off my highway, out of my way sort of outlook, or excuse me, I’m first. And well, we all know the impatient driver – you know, the one always in a hurry.  It’s one thing when you’re late, but to constantly drive with that aggression is to ensure an early stress related heart attack.  But, these days with all the crazy stories about road rage, I clearly understand why hubbie hates it when I drive.  Just remember though, an entity takes over my body, and doesn’t let go until I’ve relinquished the wheel.  Now that I’ve told on myself, is there something your spouse, or significant other does that drives you crazy?

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4 thoughts on “For Me It’s Road Rage

  1. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

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