Bunker Bay 22 – Zone 5

10185340_sDid anyone catch the survey on MSN? “Would you ever apply to live on Mars?” Well, 16% of earth’s population – last I checked – said, “Absolutely, it’s an adventure,” 79% said, “No way, I’m staying on earth,” and 5% were not sure. So, if you’re interested hurry on over to Mars One and fill out the application. The window is open, by the way, until August 31st of this year.  My first question is, what kind of address would one have on Mars: Bunker Bay 22 – Zone 5, Republic of Mars, The Universe, or would all the mail be marked, c/o Mars One (the organization putting this together)? I must say, when our government scraped the space program, I reacted badly. Think about it, we are the most powerful country on the planet, but we have no space anything. Hello? But, with that in mind, no one would find me hurrying over to this website to add my name to that list; I’ll take what I know. Anyway, plenty of adventure came with my move here from New York, thank you very much.

Don’t you think, living on this planet is difficult enough? There are a ton of us who can’t even get our lives to work here.  But, I must say, it gives a whole new meaning to: a night out at the movie, a trip to the market, or going to dinner. Now, mind you, this does not involve a two-week stay, or even a two-year hitch. This is FOREVER – a one way ticket, my friend. And, what about your family? Really? Give up everything I know for a big fat question mark? Although, I know there are some families, people would pay to get away from. How long would it take that card to reach Mom for Mother’s Day? And, before making a decision such as this, I’d hope you’d consider giving up what is so familiar: blue skies, freshly fallen snow, taking in a brilliantly lighted night sky, the seductive waters of the Caribbean. To name a few earthly wonders of which we have been blessed.

Yet, there are still more questions. Would you have the capability to use that digital camera outside? I guess then, e-mail, twitter, text messages – all of that as well takes on a completely new significance. Am I right? I believe I’d have so many questions, I’d miss the 2023 launch date, and have to remain on earth, anyway. Can anyone, with good conscience just raise their hand, and shout – “Me…me…take me,” without eleven (11) years worth of questions? That’s the one extra year of inquiry that would cause me to miss the blast-off – deliberately. When you get to the Mars One site, there is a little quiz they give relating to the folklore of this star, which tells me that on top of everything else, they want to comfort you in to making a decision to go. They do this by showing you all the myths connected to this planet. Like I said, if you can’t get it right here, running off to outer space, for sure, won’t do it.

I guess I could liken this to the first person on line to buy that new Betamax, or VHS. How about the first Walkman, or Portable CD player. Or maybe not, I mean, that stuff didn’t leave the ground. As for my house, and I may have mentioned this before, but we are never the first for anything.  Mars One has received applications from over 120 countries. This, supposedly, is a mission to represent all of humanity.  Bas Lansdorf, Co-founder of the organization said, ” Mars One is a mission representing all humanity, and its true spirit will be justified only if people from the entire world are represented.” What do I have to say about all of this? Well, if you can’t get it right here, how on earth – excuse me – how off earth can you get it right in space. Sorry, Mr. Lansdorf.

Image courtesy of 123rf.com


6 thoughts on “Bunker Bay 22 – Zone 5

  1. My question is by using today’s standards how does anyone expect to survive a trip to Mars when it is approximately 36 million miles (at the closest and up to 222 million at the farthest).

    If you could walk from Earth to Mars at a brisk rate of 4mph it would take about 4000 years; or

    If you had a car and were abiding by the highway speed limits if that limit was 70mph, it would take a mere 228 years; or

    If you had a 747 Jet Plane the time comes down a whole bunch to just around 32 years!

    • Didn’t know you were such a science buff, Eileen. My other question is – are you allowed to bring the furniture? But, like I said, you don’t have to worry about me putting my name on that list. !end

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