Heroes, Neighbors, Strangers

Boylston St. CroppedThis has been some start to a new week, huh? As I thought about the people injured, and the families who lost love ones in this most recent attack on our freedom, I had to write some type of tribute to the ones involved. As I work part-time, when I made it home from work on Monday, I began my usual routine before I climbed the stairs to my desktop. Before I could do that, my husband came in the door and advised he had heard the news on the car radio. We hurried to put on the television to try to find out what we could. As we got to the cable news station, 9/11 rushed back. We were physically not at the scene in Boston, but watching the smoke from the bombs, hearing the sirens wail, taking notice of the bloody street curbs, and observing people running hither and yon gave us both a sinking sensation in the pit of the stomach.

As we listened to the newscasters we heard over and over the phrase, “False sense of security.” Is diligence possible, while at the same time going about your business, not thinking about what could happen? It has been difficult for us as a people to go about, day after day with a sense of security after 9/11. American’s have not had to endure attack upon attack as in other countries, therefore we have not had the teachings etched in our thoughts. Yes, I remember the requests after 9/11, on being attentive. As a New Yorker, my friends, and co-workers did all we were asked to do during this time.  Then, four, five years or so go by, and those original demands fall somewhere to the back of your memory. It’s just not a process upper most on your mind. I do believe we are this way because we are America, and we have a difficult time believing one type of people would hurt another. I do believe, however, any disaster such as this, is all it takes to wake up that portion of the brain.

We must keep in the topmost area of our brain, as a country we are well hated by others. We all understand why. But, like the seriously injured on Monday said when they awoke from surgery, “I’m still alive?” Yes, they were still alive. We as a nation, whether from Oklahoma, New York, Virginia or Boston, we pick ourselves up and continue on with our lives.  Bostonians have the same tenacity as New Yorker’s, and there is no doubt in my mind, they too will persevere, because we are Americans – that’s what we do. Our enemy wants to tear a part our spirit, crush our chutzpah. But, that demon doesn’t have any idea what we are really like as a people. They’ve been so busy teaching their young to continue the cause, they’ve missed the fact that with every punch thrown we take a deeper breath. We rally together at a faster rate, stranger helping stranger.

With their burns, amputations, and shrapnel wounds, Bostonians have picked themselves up from Copley Square, hero upon hero, neighbor upon neighbor, stranger upon stranger, American upon American. They are returning to their everyday lives, and continuing forward as they were taught by their parents and their ancestors. Although, this is a warring planet – we have been since biblical times – no one wants it, if at all possible. Besides, aren’t we still trying to get our young men and women home from the last campaign? I think the enemy must learn from the past. Everyone knows the U.S.A. is a giant in any sense of the word. Therefore, they should listen and remember a lesson from World War II history coming out of the Pacific; simply tuck their tail, turn around and do not awaken the sleeping giant again.

Image courtesy of Google Earth


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