Waiting on Spring

14066025_sWhere is it? Spring that is. Have you seen it? All of us in the northern hemisphere are anxiously awaiting its arrival as Easter is virtually hours away. At the same time, the Weather Channel talks of unusually low temperatures from New Orleans to the Florida Panhandle. The strawberry farmers in South Carolina are complaining of the frosty weather, and snow blankets a large chunk of the country. Yes, not many have seemed to get even a peek of the elusive season. I’ve also heard chatter of that fabricating rodent (the ground-hog) being brought up on charges. The nerve of him announcing an early spring, then, minutes later, three winter storms march across the nation slamming many areas with more of the white stuff. Let me tell you, when the President pushes up the Cherry Blossom celebration, you know even he is still waiting.

Most of us love this time of year. For me, I would have to say, it’s my favorite season. Winter, at last, has loosened its grip – the trees turn red with buds announcing new life. It’s a time when the robin has found its way back with their songs giving us hope and cheering our moods. All together with that extra hour of day light, our spirits can finally soar. However, we’re now still checking the weather for a consistent few days or that week when the temperatures will remain in the sixties – this always assures us – it’s finally here, and gives us even more hope and excitement. It’s funny, but the advertisement world keeps up, too (okay, they have to). But, I’m thinking of the charcoal commercial, where  people are ushering out a disoriented neighbor who is complaining of everything being, “…just cold and white.” His pal responds with something like, “It’s okay buddy, it was just winter.”

Yesterday, while at my desk, I caught a glimpse of beautiful pink blooms bursting from the tree across the parking lot at work. It appeared to have blossomed over night, because only the day before it sat bare, just like the rest. I always think back to the corporate centers at home in New York and New Jersey. They are filled with fruit trees that yield beautiful white flowers about now. Because the trees have been strategically placed, when coming up to them at a certain angle, they give the appearance of snow cover when the blooms are in full. Here in the S.E. though, when the Crepe Myrtle blooms, then I know we’ve arrived. I also thought the Birch bloomed late, but after some research, I’m not sure.  If someone knows, can you let me know?

According to the calendar, spring has officially been here for one week, but like many other places – over last weekend – we sat, and watched the snow come down in earnest. You watch the Weather Channel, and from the Midwest to the east, people are bundled up in their winter garb, shivering from temps that refuse to budge. Anyway, while all the daffodils, that first spring flower, have all come and gone, spring is relentlessly holding out. But, hark – what did I hear? Monday’s temperature around here is predicted to reach the seventies. There may still be hope after all. Happy eventual spring to everyone in the northern hemisphere.

Photo courtesy of 123rf.com

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