Hazard Lights Opinion Poll

snowstormThe other day while watching the Weather Channel, a young woman in the mid-west complained to the news people of driving 15 MPH in the snow and ice with her hazard lights flashing.  Hazard lights?  This is only my second or third time hearing this.  I recall a not so pleasant road trip from Virginia to New Jersey where somewhere in Maryland we ran into a couple of cars doing just that.  At the time I remember how it annoyed, distracted and confused both my husband, and myself.  I’ve become aware over the pass few years this is some new procedure being taught by driving schools, and possibly driver’s education.  As for my own opinion, which is what Thursday’s Child is all about – bluntly and to the point – “WHAT!?”

I’m sorry, whoever heard of anything so ridiculous.  If the roads are filled with ALL young people who received their licenses from 1990 to present, and had the same lesson – well, that’s one thing.  But, for us folk who are a little “seasoned” – “Excuse me?”  And, I really hope I’m not stepping on a host of toes with my peevish attitude.  Keep in mind, I’m not angry at you, only the teachers.  Let me set the scene – its late afternoon or dusk, white on the roads, snow falling, while a claustrophobic grayish white engulfs your car. You’re driving 25 to 30 MPH with the wipers going, trying to keep your distance from the car in front of you, when suddenly you come upon a car in the center lane moving, while their hazard lights are blinkity, blink, blink, blinking like crazy.

Now without me telling my age, a woman never does, my brain is programmed to think, trouble.  Normally, if those lights are displayed the vehicle is stopped and parked on the side of the road.  Yet, this particular car inched along with the rest of us.  So, my brain goes a step further.  How can a disabled vehicle move, because if you are moving, then why would you need the flashers.  “Hello!”  Unless of course, you are hauling a large load.  All of it boils down to ANNOYING.  I must say, I don’t know who came up with this rule, but it seriously needs overhauling, forgotten about or simply stricken from the rule book.  Has the person that set up that directive ever come across this on the road, and found for themselves how irritating it is?  But, I’m thinking they’re patting themselves on the back, proclaiming out loud, how wonderful am I.  What could the rule maker have been thinking?  Couldn’t he/she have understood that act would do nothing more than perplex and aggravate other drivers, thereby creating a foaming at the mouth anger?

I mean, the first car I came upon doing this, I wanted to get out of my vehicle, run up and bang on their window, “Are you trying to make me crazy? What’s up with the hazard lights.  Don’t you realize this is only making people angry.  Who on earth taught you that?”  But, here I need to crank my rage down a notch and ask everyone to participate in my little opinion poll.  I want to know – the numbers will not lie – what you all think about using hazard lights while driving in bad weather.

Photo courtesy of  iStockPhoto.com


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