Another Year Gone

Many Brass Rings

Many Brass Rings

Well, it appears the Mayan calendar apocalypse proved gravely inaccurate, since you’re reading this post.  So, I have to ask – what do you think made them stop recording when they did?  Could it have been only one keeper of the calendar, and he passed away – got eaten by a wild animal or decided to leave the group?  Or had there been some other ludicrous explanation as to why the cut off.  In any event, Christmas has come and gone; all the gifts have been purchased, wrapped, opened, and are now being enjoyed.  And, we are rapidly approaching another year. Any año nuevo channels our thoughts toward self-improvement and new goals.  When I made it back to work, and my desk yesterday, my brain had the impression I had just tore November away; exposing the month of December.  Now, in only a few more days, I’ll have to trash the 2012 chronicles all together.

I have, on occasion, deliberately made myself stay away from the computer.  But maybe, because the old gray cells seriously needed the rest, as I began putting this piece together I realized I had not been on my desktop, laptop or any other device, since the Saturday before Christmas.  So, needless to say, I had a whole bunch of SPAM on my website, approximately 150 e-mails, close to 50 new follows on twitter, and the old Facebook status also needed updating.  Isn’t it funny, how although our brains have been retrained to incorporate promoting our work on the old world-wide web – every now and again you find yourself enjoying life naturally, the way our Creator intended – with family, friends or simply watching old movies.  I must say, I don’t think any of this techno stuff crossed my mind at all, which explains the gap in my presence.  And, just thinking ahead, the next time you read something fresh from me, it will be in the new year, won’t it?

A new year – another chance to go for that brass ring, if you will; ratchet up the old “Bucket List” or merely put a spit shine on the forgotten list of goals.  For me, I think I need to do something bold and profess that 2013 is the year I’ll get that long-awaited publishing contract.  My putting it in writing for the world to take a gander should start moving the wheels in the spiritual realm – speaking it into existence, if you will.  I don’t think I’ve done enough of that.  I’m definitely overdue.  Are you as well?  Is there something –  anything that’s been haunting you for weeks, months or years – something for which you had to develop patience to get through?  And, although you still get hit and miss days of anxiety while waiting, for the  most part, you’ve pretty much mastered the technique.

Patience – it’s a peculiar place, isn’t it?  I’ve always thought of myself as a patient person.  I’ve always understood it as an innate part of my nature.  But, let me tell you – over the past few years, I have been shown areas of angst within myself I would have never believed to exist.  And, where is one of those places?  Waiting on my own advancement.  Being genuinely happy for all of my peers who, month after month grab their brass ring.  To move forward through these times, one has to remember  that true glee – reveling in someone else’s celebration and joy is the only thing that will move you forward.  Yes, it’s a tough lesson; probably one of the hardest you’ll have to learn.  But, you know what?  This too can be cultivated and made to blossom like prize-winning roses.  Let me just say again, that is the only way to win, and keep the enemy more than an arm’s length away – behind you or under your feet, which ever you prefer.  It really is all part of the ups and downs of life.  So, let me just say this again as well, I’m believing – I need to take as gospel that 2013 will be my year.  What about you?  Want to jump on the faith wagon with me?  But, whatever and whenever, let’s welcome this New Year with open arms.  Happy-Happy, everybody.

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