A Special Thank You

Can I be honest with you all?  I couldn’t think of anything to write about this week.  I then remembered, my guest writers that appeared on my website over the past eight weeks or so.  In case you need a refresher, they were as follows:

September 28th         Janna Shay

October 5th                 Nancy LaPonzina

October 12th               Tina Glasneck

October 19th               Ian Carter

October 26th               Nutschell Anne Windsor

November 2nd           Ciara Ballintyne

November 16th          Jerrie Alexander

December 14th           Andrea Downing

13462702_s[1]I had a tugging in the pit of my gut to do something special for these troupers, since they all honored me by accepting my invitation to appear.  I would like to surprise them all by announcing that I’m secretly a multi-billionaire and a check will be in the mail to each of them in an undisclosed amount.  Okay….just take it easy.  You can all breathe now, because unfortunately, that is not the case.  But, what can I say or do to show my appreciation?

What do you say to an equal who took the time to come up with something to write; set aside time to toil over the piece when they could have been working on their latest work in progress (WIP).  Then, forwarding it on to me with biographies, pictures, excerpts, blurbs and whatever else they sent.  And, without naming names (you know who you are) – one of my guests also attended classes while hurrying to get her piece to me.  But, not only did their work enlighten the readers, I also learned and picked up more tips on writing.  It’s always nice when you’re given information from a different perspective, isn’t it?  It all served for me as a type of workshop – only one ratcheted up to the nth degree – some kind of two month clinic of intense and extensive learning, but all from the joy of my desk chair.  I also know, however, that even though it involved their time and energy, they enjoyed doing it.  Why?  Because like myself, they are all writers, and that’s what we do – we love to do – we’re called to do.  Remember I once described it as a sickness?  It would have to have that label because we would still do it for little or no money.  Ahem….some of us are doing it right now. LOL.

As a writer, each time we spend time in the presence of our peers we always come away with something, even if it’s just one thing.  Most times that one thing is so profound it stays with you forever.  But, regardless, I’d like to render a heart-felt shout out to them all and to just say anyone of you are welcome back at any time.  So, in closing, a Merry Christmas to all my readers, including my guest writers, and a special thank you, once again.


4 thoughts on “A Special Thank You

  1. Any time, Veronica. I was honored to be asked and your kindness in tweeting constantly, mentioning me, has been greatly appreciated. Have the best 2013 imaginable–a truly happy and healthy New Year. And, of course, a great Christmas,. Blessings, Thursday’s Child

  2. Thank you, Veronica. It was my pleasure to hang out with you here on your blog. We writers always learn something when we spend time together. It’s a sisterhood I’m proud to be part of…so, thank you! Merry Christmas.

  3. Thanks Veronica! It was a pleasure being on your blog and I was more than happy to do it. I loved having you on my Wednesday Workspace series as well. I’m blessed to belong to a wonderful community of bloggers and writers. Hope you have an awesome Christmas and a rocking New Year!

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