The Harvest by Tina Glasneck

“Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can.” – Unknown

When you were a kid, did you ever close your eyes and use your imagination? It was the way of
daydreaming what life would be like – would I be a princess in a great castle like Cinderella or
fighting off dragons like Prince Charming? Would I be a lawyer, doctor or candlestick maker? Could I help saved the world?

As with any action, it all starts with an idea.

Seed Planting: An Idea

Writing can be a daunting task or chore for some, but for me it is neither. I love to pour my heart and humor into my words. Not only is it cathartic, but it is germane to my creative soul and me being the eclectic person I’ve always been. I need to have that creative outlet; it is as dear as breath in my lungs or blood pumping through my heart. To live in a world where I could not create would not be living, but merely existing. The nine-year old slowly transformed, and along the way, the wishful dreams of then took shape; all it took was for me to once again discover my imagination.

Within me, I found my muse and loaded up my iPod with the needed soundtrack in order to feel the words as I was writing them. In my story, I could feel the love just as I could comprehend the pain. Each page brought me deeper into the world of my creation, where my theme of the human condition is played upon.

I’ve created characters that are neither one hundred percent good nor one hundred percent evil and are a true reflection of humanity: all walking shades of gray. I didn’t want my characters to come across as caricatures of people, but for the reader to be able to relate to them and to understand that good people can do great evil and those that are considered evil can also do extreme good.

Influences: Sun and Rain

Crime has surrounded me, a constant shadow since I was younger. I’ve always been enthralled with law enforcement, men in uniform and law makers. In fact, I thought law would be my career choice for a long time (that or FBI agent – still pining after that one), and being a criminal paralegal has opened up many doors and helped my understanding of what it means to be a criminal defendant and a victim. My professional career and my theological education gave me the insight I needed to understand humanity. Not only does theology deal with spirituality, but it also deals with the supposed condition of man (with a tidbit of psychology). Combining that, I was able to create a story that I am proud of, and of which I would hope my influencers would also be able to enjoy.

In writing, although it is a solitary task, it is still one that requires others. Writers need to not only write, but also be avid readers (in the genre they write in and other genres). I enjoy the works of Thomas Harris (and am currently reading RED DRAGON), Dan Brown, and Joy Fielding. My literary tastes fluctuate between non-fiction and fiction, between romance and suspense. I love books and appreciate those who are able to get the story inside of them out.


Looking back, the last four years have been a period of extreme growth. It was a time of creation, destruction, rebuilding and jumping from the figurative fire into the very hot frying pan. As a result, because I spend time writing, my craft has improved. Like any muscle, when we use them, they get stronger and better.

Writers need people. We need them to inspire us, to listen to us and to understand us. We need their encouragement, their engagement and friendship. We may spend hours in front of a computer or leaning over a pad, but at the end of the day, there is still nothing like being able to share a blissful moment with a person – a moment that helps to rejuvenate and recharge us.

The Harvest

From an idea, writers have the power to create and influence worlds; we have the power to change minds, teach and tell about unknown subjects and of course, share an aspect of our passion with the world. Through your authorial research, you’re able to shed light on some mystery; highlight a needed social theme or even bring a smile to someone’s day. In that moment where the reader connects with the story, then the author has harvested from the idea planted so many months ago. All the hard work poured into the craft of writing is rewarded by the reader who’s had a visceral response to words on a page. The response can be as simple as an unwanted chill, a lonesome tear or half-smile, but for the author, it alone helps to motivate the writer to continue onward and tell the next tale.

From that passion, I crafted my suspense, THOU SHALL NOT. Wide awake, understanding the reality behind the tag author, I dug my heels in and poured in my mixture of theology and crime, creating a world of mystery, suspense with a little heart. What is your passion? What is the story that you have inside that you want to get out?

There is no better time than the present to make the day dream become an adult reality and a new passion to be discovered.

About Tina

Tina is the author of THOU SHALL NOT and loves creating three dimensional characters. She is always looking for new people to kill…in her stories. Check out her personal blog at and her novel, THOU SHALL NOT,  is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can also connect with her on Facebook and on Twitter.


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