The Definition of an Author by Janna Shay

The other day while standing in line to pay for a purchase, I started a conversation with the person standing in line behind me. Now this is not an extraordinary occurrence. It is very common for me to start talking to people I don’t know wherever I am or in whatever it is I’m doing. This person and I started talking about how much time we spend in line waiting, and then our conversation progressed to other things. At this point the other person asked me what I do for a living. I proudly answered that I was an author. Our conversation went on for a few more minutes until I paid for my purchase. After I placed my packages in my car I sat behind the wheel and started thinking about my answer as to what I do for a living.

Author – a person who writes a novel; a composer of literary work. This is the definition given by the dictionary, but as I contemplated my answer I realized that author was not the only title I possessed. Being an author required me to perform many jobs besides writing, so I decided to list the many jobs included in my job title.

  1. Salesperson – a person who sells goods or services.  This job is definitely in my job title.  Since my book, FAIR PLAY has been published I’ve had to try to sell not only my novel but myself as a credible author;
  2. Blogger – a person who writes about her own experiences, observations, opinions, etc. and posts it on a blog site.  That title fits as I’ve definitely written about my observations and opinions, and posted them on a site for everyone to read;
  3. Promoter – a person who encourages the sales of products through advertising or other publicity.  I’m definitely a promoter.  In fact, lately it seems that most of my time is spent promoting.  If I’m not promoting my book then I’m promoting my name;
  4. Social Media Expert –  Social media is described as an online means of communication used by groups of people who want to share information and develop social, and professional contacts. We all know how important social media is to a writer.  In order to become known one must join and mingle on social media sites such as Facebook, and Twitter.  I love meeting other people on social media sites, but let’s face it, social media has become a place to air dirty laundry and chronicle our lives minute by minute.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but my personal life is not that exciting that I need to broadcast it over the World Wide Web;
  5. Web designer – a person who plans, design, creates, and often maintains a web site.  One of the first things an author must do in order to promote their work is own and maintain a web site.  Not a lot has to be said about this job description as it is self-explanatory; and
  6. Social Butterfly – a person who flits from one social event to another. Yep, that definitely is another title of mine.  I have flitted from one event to another so many times that I think I have developed wings.  I know socializing with colleagues is very important, and don’t get me wrong, I love all the friends I have made by flitting. But to be honest it seems I do more flitting than writing any more.

I’m sure there are more titles that can be added on to the description of author, but quite frankly I have more than enough with the six titles that are included in my description. I have made many friends and met so many wonderful people as an author as I have performed my many job titles, but lately it seems the title of author is having to take the back burner because of the many obligations that go along with that title. I’ve been experimenting with many new platforms that are available to help one organize their social media requirements. These platforms seem to be successful in freeing time to perform other activities and still be able to socialize with the people in your life.  So far they seem to be helping me find the time I need to do the one thing that I love to do and have wanted to do since becoming an author, and that is write.

Book Blurb

Forced to live a clandestine life, Danielle “Dani” Jordon believes she has found a safe haven in Las Vegas until she meets devastatingly handsome casino owner Jace Diamond. With his compelling sexual magnetism and mind-numbing kisses, Dani finds her world turned upside-down. Resisting the most compelling man she has ever met proves to be a task she doesn’t have the strength to fight.

Inexplicably drawn to her, Jace embarks on a relentless pursuit to make Dani his. It isn’t long before he finds himself irrevocably in love, but can he convince Dani that she belongs with him?

Trapped in her life of deceit, Dani is afraid to admit her love for Jace or believe in a life without fear. Can she take the chance and trust him to provide the sanctuary she so desperately needs, or will that trust lead to exposure of her secrets and destroy her.

About Janna Shay

Janna Shay is a native Californian who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and miniature schnauzer.  She is a mother of seven grown children and has twenty-three grandchildren, who all live in nearby Northern California communities.  Janna was introduced to books at the age of five, which began a lifelong love of reading.  As a child she would spend endless hours at the local library pouring through all genres of books.  It wasn’t until her teens that her love of romance novels blossomed.  When Janna isn’t following her dream of writing or enjoying her love of reading, she can be found engaging in her other love, which is activities with her family.
Fair Play, the first novel in her Diamond Series, set in Las Vegas, Nevada, is contemporary romantic fiction with added suspense. It is available at Soul Mate Publishing, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.  Janna is a member of Romance Writers of America and San Francisco Area Romance Writers of America.

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11 thoughts on “The Definition of an Author by Janna Shay

  1. Thank you, Veronica, for hosting me today. It is a pleasure to be a guest on your blog. I look forward to meeting your readers and welcome any questions or comments.

  2. Great post, Janna. I’m glad you stressed the importance of actual writing. For me the writing must be first and foremost!

  3. Janna, this is something that authors (and entrepreneurs in general) struggle with. Business experts remind us that we should focus on what we do best and hire someone to do the rest, but the truth is that just isn’t an option for most writers, especially newbies. It’s important that we take some time to learn the various skills you outlined above.

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