#FF – Follow Friday

What are Follow Fridays to you?  Last Friday I followed a link discussing just this matter.  On this particular blog, the familiar #FF everyone on Twitter is aware of received a new title – “white noise.”  Reading on, I understood this writer to look at tweets cluttered with names on top of more names as “spammy.”  In perusing this author’s opinions, it began to sink in, and made me want to take a closer look at my own #FF habits.  We all love the thrill of catching our names tweeted by an associate follower, whatever their field.  It gives the person mentioned, I think, a sense of belonging.  This, however, brings up another point.  As you watch tweet after tweet after tweet go by, is there anything in each one to motivate you into clicking and following the link to their profiles?

Yes, it did take me some time to figure out why all the hullabaloo on Friday.  But, once I caught on I too joined the race.  Through my writing organization, one of the members decided to put together an activity for Friday, with the thought that each member joining would have the chance to increase their followers.  I have to say, the first few months, I did notice exponential growth – I mean, there were some Fridays when I walked away with up to twenty new followers.  Each time that winning sense came over me, akin to when you leave Atlantic City or Las Vegas as a winner.  But, as I said before, I needed to take a step in reverse for a minute.  I thought back to when I first signed up for a Twitter account.  As I watched the Friday happenings, many people would begin their mentions with a little blurb as to why you should follow a particular person.  I have noticed over time, many have gotten away from even that routine.

So, in my stepping backward, I wanted to take a hard look at what I could do to spice up, if you will, my Friday Follows.  Now, I haven’t called in any wrecking equipment, and I also realize that from time to time, even what I’ve done will need refreshing.  Now, you do have to understand this has made for more tweets, simply because of the 140 character rule.  But, I think it’s worth it to show someone who you actually took the time.  However, when you think about it, the person reading the tweet can know what the person mentioned does, and make an educated guess as to whether they want to go further by clicking their way to their profile.  But, just little things should make a world of difference, and cut down on what is quickly, and unknowingly becoming recognized by many as “white noise.”  Examples:

  • Interested in (insert writing group name or whatever group you are promoting) – then list members;
  • Here are some women fiction writers I follow from (region);
  • These fine folk help with art/promos.

You get my drift.

I’ve been on most of these social networking sites for a little over a year, and not only are new ones cropping up every week, but there is also, always something new to learn.  And, all in the name of promotion.  I don’t believe twitter will get you that publishing contract so many of us are searching for – if it ever has, please tell me about it – but, it appears a necessary part of this promo game.  When you think about it, it’s kind of like we’re feeding some giant god’s voracious appetite.  But, regardless, if this will assist in endorsements, then, I guess, I’ll hang around.  Any thoughts?

Vector courtesy of 123rf.com


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