Scary Airplane Landings

Yeah, yeah, I know, you could do without this topic.  But, while I tore through the pages of MSN feverishly looking for something to write about this week, I came upon this little ditty.  Now, when I’m done I’m going to ask each one reading this post to share with me their most horrific airplane story ever.  And, if you don’t have one then, kudos to you.  As I watched the five-minute video I found on-line, I wondered if wind, weather, drink, lack of sleep or all of the afore-mentioned played a part in any of these eye-popping mishaps.  Let me warn you to fasten your seatbelt, because these are all pretty hair-raising as you’ll find in the attached video below.

I have personally encountered more than one memorable flight, but I think my most unforgettable and terrifying would have to have taken place on my second flight anywhere. This, by the way, happened to be my first trip out of the country – two girlfriends and myself headed out for a week of sun and fun in Nassau, Bahamas.  We took off out of John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, New York were we enjoyed an uneventful journey down, and loved our week there.  Although, we were a bit sad to leave, we knew we had to come home – vacations don’t last forever.  Therefore, we boarded for the journey home, and everything proved commonplace, until maybe forty-five minutes before landing.  Approaching the New York area dumped us directly in the middle of a horrific thunderstorm.  As we sat talking, and enjoying our adult beverage we noticed outside becoming darker and darker, and the ride becoming more and more turbulent. Then, way too soon, the “fasten seatbelt” sign came on.

Suddenly, we caught sight of lightning flashing through the darkened clouds.  Now, we three are staring back and forth at each other, because we’ve never encountered anything like this, and granted, this is only my second time in an airplane in life.  Of course, the Captain comes on the intercom making certain everyone had buckled in for the bumpy ride.  He assured us he’d do his best to make the rest of the flight as painless as possible.  At this point, the attendants hurried out, checking everyone’s seat back to make certain they were in that, you know, upright position.  But, shortly following that, the head attendant proceeded to instruct everyone on a crash landing.  “Ah, excuse me? Can I get off here?”

As she is instructing us, the other workers are feverishly removing pillows from the overhead bins and placing them in our laps.  All the while, through the worse turbulence ever, with the lights now flashing off and on.  At this point, the one instructing us is describing how to position the pillow and what to do with our heads.  I’m peering at my girlfriend to my right, teary-eyed, and we’re all professing our love for each other.

That girlfriend said to me, “Put your arm in mine, we’ll just hold on to one another.”

Finally, the workers all take their places, and we’re all fastened in for the remainder of this hellish ride.  As we begin to descend, and as we came closer to the ground, my friend speaks with her chin in her chest.  “Do you hear sirens?” she asked.

I heard them, but I didn’t want to mention it.  I thought maybe, if I kept it to myself, I’d eventually realize I had been hearing things.  But, right then, I knew for sure I had not.  Then, finally twisting, turning, shaking and rolling – touchdown.  Amid the rescue vehicles, torrential rain, thunder and lightning, we survived; we had all made it down alive.  And, I must say, you never heard such loud cheering.  Not anything close to what reverberated through that aircraft on that particular day.  You watch these kinds of things on movies and in the news, and you may say to yourself, I don’t think I’d ever be able to fly again.  But, from somewhere you find the nerve.  I think it’s built in our DNA.  Either that or you realize the desire to travel outweighs the fear.  Regardless, you continue on.  Now, please don’t go away without sharing or at least leaving a comment.

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