Whew! We Dodged That Bullet

Before I get started, I’d like to wish everyone here in America a Happy 4th of July.  Now, moving on – last Friday night I thought my house would succumb and wind up over the rainbow like Dorothy and Toto.  My husband relaxed in bed reading, while I prepared to sleep the computer and join him with my book.  Just before I did I decided to check on the weather, since the wind had kicked up.  So, I clicked on the television as I went by, attempting to get to the Weather Channel.  But, before I could get there, one of those “EAS” messages came up interrupting all programming, and the announcer advised of a tornado on the ground, west of us.  Just then, the thunder and lightning began to crack, so I decided to walk to the back of the house and take a gander outside from the sunroom.  The instant I reached the door, there my neighbor stood with her camcorder – videotaping the western sky.  Unbelievably taken aback by all the goings on, I never thought to do that.  But, WOW! what great video that would have made.

The western sky had layers and layers of black menacing and angry clouds waving along, and forming an abstract of which no one could duplicate, while flashes of lightning lit the lower heavens, turning it different shades of lavender and pink.  In awe, I stood watching, unable to move.  Suddenly, the wind became even stronger, and I rushed to turn the t.v. off and hit the bed with my husband, because remember I wanted to read…well, to try to read.  What better time to enjoy a book, huh?  I turned to walk away, when that same profound cloud formation caught my attention.  The wind appeared to create a funnel on one end.  It definitely appeared the beginning of a twister.  Then, out of nowhere, the wind came back around and thankfully sheared off the bottom.  After so much popping, booming and cracking from the thunder, I finally headed for the bedroom; nerves so frayed, the next step for me would be chewing at my nails – something I never do.  At that point the lights began blinking, and my husband voiced, “Uh oh.”  I hurriedly ran for the flashlight, just in case, and hit the bed like a gymnast.

Just as I got comfortable and opened my book, it began – slowly – plink…plink…plink…then, thunk…thunk…thunk. This noise drove my husband to the sunroom door – louder and louder it became.  I crept behind him wondering what on earth it could be.  It never dawned on me – hail – quarter size, hitting the windows and the glass in the door. Then, heavier and faster it came.  At that point, I had almost begun to hyperventilate, and at instances I think I even forgot to breath.  Because, now I’m remembering what I learned about hail, that it is always at the back end of a cyclone.  If you recall, I mentioned that somewhere in one of my blogs.  I had this nagging in my gut telling me this heavy hail would for sure blow out one of my windows.  But, what could we do?

The entire experience proved completely unbelievable, and without a doubt surreal.  We continued watching, as the rain and hail came down so hard we couldn’t even make out the neighbor’s house, yard or anything.  For an instant, my mind began to deceive me; I thought, why not run outside to see if I could stand in the wind and hail stones.  But, my senses returned, and I realized I’d only be pelted by the pummeling frozen balls.  For another instant I had the sensation of a three-year old – wanting to bury my head in my husband’s chest and wish it all away.  Suddenly, after what my brain knew to be an eternity (fifteen minutes, I’m sure), it all blew over.  The driving rain became a sprinkle, the pelting balls ceased, the wind eased from the trees, and they began to still and straighten.  Finally, the booming thunder sounded from a distance, indicating the storm had at last moved on.  And, I must say this woman is still, even at this moment, quite thankful we didn’t lose power as so many others did.  In fact, there are still people without power.  But, we dodged that bullet.

Oh, yes, this is supposed to be News week – the post did start out that way, but got lost somewhere along the way in Artsyville.  Oh well…do you have any scary weather stories you’d like to share?

Photo courtesy of 123rf.com

4 thoughts on “Whew! We Dodged That Bullet

  1. Well, this is news! The worst storm I have ever been through was in a sand storm in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Very weird.

  2. I didn’t know describing ominous weather could be so poetic. I’m glad you admitted the half-baked idea of running outside in it. I’m not saying I’d likely have the same crazy urge. I’m not saying that. 🙂

    A twister hit down behind my house a few years ago. The warning went out ~after~ it hit the ground, which obviously wasn’t helpful. I could measure the length and width of my yard in less than 100-ish steps, I think. Very small. Everything in my backyard ended up in a yard at the end of the street. The garbage cans along the street, set out for pickup, shot into the garage of a 2-story house on the street perpendicular, causing the back wall of that house to crumple. (It had to be torn down.) The worst part was when it went by. I was huddled in a middle room of the house, and the walls literally sounded like they were coming apart at the seams. I had the impression I could have seen through to the outside between the wall and the floor. I didn’t have wits enough about me to be scared until afterward.

    And that’s my scary weather story. Hope you had a happy 4th!

    • Not so poetic when you’re going through it. I don’t know how it comes out that way. Like I said the post really did begin as something newsy, but then it got out of hand. Thanks for stopping by.!end

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