A Sea Of Blogs

One In A Million

We made it – 2012, and the writing continues.  I told myself, I need to crank up the writing this year.  In my mind’s eye I’m envisioning more short stories, the re-writing or cleaning up I should say of another one of my manuscripts, and definitely begin that second children’s chapter book.  Now, notice I said writing – I mentioned nothing about actually getting the work published.  Remember last week’s post? My plans, and God’s plans?  I know I need to submit, submit, submit.  I’m also aware that I have to continue throwing up words on the page.  But, as for that actual contract….well, you already should have that figured out.

Right now, I’d like to talk about blogging.  In early 2011, a friend hipped me to this Word Press site.  Let me just sneak in here – I paid $95.00 to another Web Hoster to run a website, and like those commercials – the person I contracted to help me build it, never, ever showed up.  Okay, he came once, but I had to wind up firing him.  Each week I got another excuse.  So, when he finally made it the one time, the only news he had for me involved my need of a new computer.  I purchased a new system, and months later he still had not returned to build my site, putting me on the map.  See, this is exactly what I mean about timing.  In the meantime, the clock continued to tick, and before I knew it 2010 whipped by like cars on a freeway.  Before I realized it, we had slipped into the beginning of 2011, which is when my friend told me of this site.  Because, I had a new computer, WOW!  I surprised even me, in how I could actually set everything up on my own.  Who needs computer geeks?

So now, here I am nine months out, and not at all ungrateful, but all I can think of is, how does a person get themselves known in a sea of blogs.  I mean there is another commercial about detergent for dishwashers.  It features a blogger; some kind of food critic or something along those lines person.  What I’m getting at is, try going to Google, Bing or Yahoo on any, any subject – along with all the other information that comes up, there is also a host of blog material on that same topic.  Now, we know about the “slush pile” in the publisher’s office, but mercy me, does the entire world want to write a book, and have a website?  Remember the song “New York, New York? If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere?” But, please – can being the best you can put you to the front of that line?  Has anyone even seen the front of the line? Please, can you give me directions to the front of the line? Whoo, it’s a mind-blowing concept, which makes me recall something else I read quite some time ago.  If you want to write, make sure you marry someone rich to make certain you don’t go hungry.  In any event, I realize that a published author should run a site to keep their readers up to date.  I guess what I’m saying is, after nine months, I have seriously become a little weary of this way too crowded pool.

In an effort to stop my head from spinning, I tell myself, this is all a part of the journey. I am well aware of that tidbit of information.  So, like the little yellow man in my picture, will I have to devise a gimmick to get me to the head of this congested environment, like maybe turning green or do I patiently wait on…oh, who knows what?  At the least, I figure I’ll have to wait the year, at which point I will have gotten my $95.00 worth, and God will say, “Okay, everyone out of the pool.  It’s Veronica’s turn.”  If that’s the case, then look toward April 30th with me. I’ll mark my calendar, and you mark yours as well.  But, hey, I just had a thought about the nine month thing.  It takes that long to give birth, yes?  In that case, I should be ready, right now, to deliver some gigantic happening to assist in my moving ahead of this throng. Hey, is it not MY dream?

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