New Year/New Goals

Here we are at the threshold of another year, and 2011 will soon be behind us.  Did you get everything accomplished that you set out to do in December of 2010?  Isn’t it funny how the new year always brings hope for change, which reminds us that as much as some of us kick and scream over it – it’s in our makeup; we could not exist otherwise.  And, as I’m writing this I just had a powerful revelation, because I’m one of the people who has a strong dislike for reform.  As much as I hate to admit it, my carrying on is due to fear; ever since childhood, that is something that has frightened me.  However, once I settle in, I’m okay.  Do you know anyone like that?  Are you that way?  Either way you look at it; in the  long run change is good.  I can think of two reasons why that is – 1) it matures us, and 2) it makes us appreciate the growth.  So, let’s give a rousing salute to a new year and yet another chance to grow a bit more, shall we?

I’m not going to get into resolutions, and which ones we have to keep this year that we didn’t last year – where #10 on the list is “Stick to Resolutions.”  I am one who believes will power won’t make you hold true to those promises, but that’s not today’s topic.  Because, you see, a new year won’t give you a new life, you’ll have to make the best of the one you have.  However, a new year does bring new goals.  All of us who want something have to have ambitions.  Do you have any set for this coming year?  I have, but I’m always left wondering, are the things I have in mind what’s written in that big Book of Life?  Because if not, then, it’s not happening.  And, if you believe that, then no force from anywhere will bring it to pass if the time isn’t ripe.  Did you ever notice that?  You did everything possible, but you still couldn’t get circumstances lined up where a certain thing would fall into play.  If you’ve ever questioned it – I believe your answer is; inopportune timing.

I believe we are always, gently nudged in our intended direction.  I’ve talked about this before – see my Right Place – Right Time post.  Yes we’re approaching another year – you’re holding on to that wish list, hoping to step through 2012’s portal with guns blazing; raring and ready to go, just remember – timing.  Because, whether you know this or not, you can force a matter.  Let’s reflect for a minute.  Did you goad something in the past that now – after looking back – you wish had been left alone?  If you had left it, I can say with utmost certainty; things would have taken an entirely different route, which would have been the intended direction.  Afterward, you had to then, wait for things to get back on track, and hopefully they did or you got tangled up again in trying to force it another way.  I’m reminded of Abraham and Sarah from the bible.  How much did she get ahead of God by choosing her hand maiden to bear a child by Abraham, instead of waiting on God.  If you know the story, you know it didn’t end well at all.  Again I reiterate, if you’re not sure of something, let it be.

So, when you step over the new year doorstep, do it gingerly; take your time, steady yourself.  Try and get a lay of the land, and then, take another gander at that list of goals, reminding yourself daily – not to get ahead of the plan.  Believe me, I am one who knows first hand how difficult that is; when you want something in that way.  But, settle down and cool your engines.  We as a society have become so drive through – very, I need gratification now.  But, when you do that, what happens is – you miss the journey, and that is as important as the destination.   So, with all that said, I wish everyone a very Happy New Year.

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8 thoughts on “New Year/New Goals

  1. Great thoughts, Roni. I think the new year is a good time to review the old..I have general goals and sometimes it’s nice to see the progress. Or to notice where I didn’t hit the mark. But with acceptance. Sometimes my “will” isn’t what God wants.. or in other words, the statement “I plan, God laughs” applies. Scott Peck said “Life is difficult”. I agree, but I also say, “Life is complicated”. Things happen, and for me, people always come first. So I’ve learned to “roll with it”, and take the day (and those goals) with joy and the understanding that God’s timing is best. And I love the new year, grateful that I made it through another one!

  2. Happy New Year! What a great post to kick off 2012. I dont’ believe in resolutions myself. I believe in goals and writing down specific steps to achieve them. 🙂

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