New State-New Rules

I recently had a very nice reader tell me last week that she awarded me the “Versatile Blog” award.  I thank her for that (I think) and move along “Diverse Highway.”  Okay, today I’m recalling my first real experience living here in this new land.  We had been here probably one month.  If you remember, we lived in an apartment in Yorktown as we waited for the house.  One day in my errands, I made a run to the post office in the same town; only three or four miles from my temporary residence.  I took care of my minor chores, got back into my truck, and headed out of the parking area.  I made my way around, and up to the traffic light.  So, there I am in the lane to make a left turn, where I sat, sat and sat waiting for the light to change.

It’s September, and in this state it is still quite warm.  Therefore, I had the windows up and the air conditioner cranked.  As usual I also had the radio going.  As I took a peek in my rear view mirror, I noted a fast line of cars beginning to stack up behind me.  But hey, red light – we were going nowhere.  Then, after another few seconds or so, I glanced behind me and caught sight of an even longer line that had formed to my rear.  Suddenly, I heard honking.  “Hey, don’t get upset with me, I have nothing to do with the fact the pesky apparent malfunctioning device is still red.”  Out of nowhere, a car pulled up next to me, preparing to make a right turn.  I happened to shift my view in that direction, and I catch sight of the man talking and glaring right at me.  Now remember, I don’t hear; windows up, air and radio going.  When I realized he wanted me, I immediately began turning things off, opening windows, etc.  What did he want?

Now, in the meantime, the line behind me had continued to grow, and had curved around the lot.  This guy hanging from his window – what did he want of me?  Actually, once I lowered the window, and had quiet in my vehicle I understood him not to be simply conversing, but shouting instead:  “You’ve gotta pull all the way up to the line so the light will change.”  I thought to myself – Excuse me, what kind of nonsense it this?  Okay, I did as I had been instructed; three seconds passed, “poof” the light went green – everyone calmed down, and all the waiters, including myself finally went on our way.

There may be just too much forward thinking here in Hampton Roads.  So yes, a tough lesson in deed. Now, together with high-tech traffic aids, not having to renew my car registration with its inspection, and having everyone recognize me as the crazy one when I ask, “Do I have to dial the area code?” By the time I get it right, I’ll be on my way back home to the north.  (In New Jersey if you are calling your neighbor you must use the area code). But hey, seven years and it doesn’t matter, old or young, new state new rules.

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3 thoughts on “New State-New Rules

  1. Cute story, Veronica. One of the reasons I hate going into Pennsylvania–although I love the state and the people–hey, one of my sisters lives in PA– is that you have to pump your own gas. And I have never pumped my own gas. So I can just imagine how foolish I would look trying to do that myself and all the questions I would have to ask and all the looks I would get from the regular people who are skilled in such things. Ha. And it might be downright dangerous to have people like me pumping gas, an explosive material. No, I’ll stay in NJ and just drive on short jaunts through PA. Thank you very much.

    • Kate: That just confirmed something for me, Pa. and Va. are Commonwealths, which probably have something to do with that rule. Yes, it’s a paying job, but I hate pumping my own gas. !end

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