A Noisy Problem

The other day I read a short story of a twenty month old toddler getting lost from his father, and it reminded me of my little one (who’s not so little anymore) and how they can get out of hand at any time, no matter what.  Many years ago my two-year old daughter and myself were off to the bank.  It happened to be just another ordinary morning of errands, banking, etc.  This bank sat on the corner of a major street, and as most were back then – it rivaled the size of the local cathedral.  I mean massive, with a rotunda type ceiling that of course carried sound as though it were piped through mega-speakers.

I stepped on line with the little one, who started out find.  I amused her with a game of patty-cake and hiding our faces.  Suddenly, at the half-way point on that line – out of nowhere, she simply decided she didn’t want to be there any longer.  Now, to describe this little girl; never a peep from her.  She proved the best child, and when she did cry, you didn’t even hear a squeak, the tears simply flowed down her cheek.  Seriously, no one ever believed this child made no noise when she cried.  But, on this particular bank day – entirely different story; screaming to the top of her lungs.  So, I picked her up in an attempt to quiet her.  Of course, that didn’t work either.  In fact, the more I tried to comfort her, the more upset she became.  Imagine the inside of a building the size of the Jefferson Monument with a rotunda stone ceiling, and a screaming two-year old.

The only solution to this problem involved foregoing all other plans.  I merely had to place whatever I had in my hand, back in my handbag, gather my noisy problem in my arms and head for the hills, as quickly as I could, and without making eye contact with anyone.  Do children have some type of radar where there are only two readings, embarrassment and mortify?  I never figured out why she pulled that little stunt on that particular day, but I must say it took me some time before I could face anyone in that bank again.  Anyone out there with cute or embarrassing stories of their own?  I’d like to hear them.

4 thoughts on “A Noisy Problem

  1. Reading that reminds me of one of my mother-in-law’s stories about my husband as a child! Apparently he took it into his head to start swinging on the ropes they use to direct the queues in banks, and of course the whole set of poles and ropes came crashing down around him!! My mother-in-law was mortified, and simply picked up her son and ran! She called the bank later to apologise. hehe

    As for myself, so far we have no particularly mortifying stories… my daughter has only just turned two, though, and there’s another girl on the way in the next few days, so there is still plenty of time!! LOL

    • I don’t know your plans for the future, but if you do plan to marry and have a family this is just something to expect. Although they are small, children are born with their personalities already intact. And sometimes there clock doesn’t have the same time as your clock. !end

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