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Jumping into Waimea Bay

In May of this year WABC News, Channel 7 in New York aired a story on a new phenomenon sweeping the land.  Since I don’t live in the Tri-State area any longer, I had to hear of this happening through my co-worker.  The other day before she left the office, she took a quick peek at her Facebook page, and introduced me to her niece who just returned from Europe.  There, her niece and some of her friends lay face down on some concrete steps in Vatican City, Italy.  Then, my co-worker announced, “Look at these kids. That’s called planking, you know.”

I remember when I first got the notion to move to this State, I mentioned to a friend, I really want to go, but if I do, I’m afraid I’ll be out of the loop.  Her reply, “Ronnie, you’re already out of the loop.”  Maybe I should have taken offense to that, but I’m easy-going, and I did not.  I’m a little afraid to say this, but I think she may have been correct. Living in the city…I don’t know…the news is different, and we were interested in watching.  Here, let me whisper…we don’t.  I mean, we watch FOX News, but even with that somehow we missed this little tidbit.  Is it my age?  Is it because I live in Virginia?  Is it because I don’t have young ones around?  I don’t want to sound like another old person rambling on about something else the young people are doing that us old folk don’t get.  But, how many articles/blogs have there been about this?  Why is this yesterday’s news to me?  Could I be that far off the planet?

In doing research on this strange occurrence, I found a blog by a teenager who called the entire think stupid – this from a peer – WOW!  So, as an older person, what are we to say?  I have shared for some time, that whatever came about over the past twenty years – okay, I’ll even go back as far as thirty – had to be extreme in order to make the baby boomers old.  Think about it, it would have to be pretty far-fetched to surpass Woodstock, psychedelic colors, the Viet Nam war, race riots, and the Kennedy’s.  Well, guess what, in my opinion – Planking – really does outdo any of the above.  Have you seen it?  Try clicking here “What is Planking,” and take a gander.  I also have to say, I would never; have never called anyone “Stupid,” but what keeps coming to me is, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Also, in case you didn’t know, a twenty year old man in Brisbane, Australia fell seven stories to his death performing one of these insane stunts.  I read that this all dates back to the 1990’s, but I must say, I don’t remember hearing anything so ridiculous. But, hey, I guess I missed that as well.  I do not want to be the one rehashing old news or discussing something that no one cares about anymore, but I must say, this is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard.  My husband tells a story of a friend’s boyfriend who happened onto some acid, some time around 1970.  He had an untimely encounter with the George Washington Bridge, and plummeted however many feet it is to the river below.  This little stunt made the front page of the New York Daily News, and the mixed-up, perplexed plunger managed to survive the mishap.  That story I do remember.  I would place this new sensation among the young people right up there with the GWB escapade.  But, personally, I think I’d rather throw myself off of a cliff into the ocean like the young people in my picture rather than stick my face onto dirty, grimy concrete.  Any thoughts?


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