Our Household Pets

My husband took a break from engineering in his later years to open a pet sitting service, and assist people with their animals.  He always had one growing up, while I had my first as an older teenager; a thoroughly silver/black, Silverwolf German Shepherd named, Sunday, who already had some years on her.  This meant that after four with us, we were in the market for a new dog.  It happened to be a brown and black sooner that I named Belvidere.  Through our marriage we have had two cats, three dogs and a parakeet that lived eighteen years; we haven’t been married all those years combined, some of the darlings overlapped.

We bring these creatures into our lives and they then, become a literal member of the family.  So you’d think that with all of this we’d have a little one at this point in our lives, but we don’t.  I am, however, keeping an eagle eye out for my next much-loved fur ball.  And, be assured, there will be another something that needs me; something that can’t get along without me.  I’m leaning toward what my husband refers to as a “yap yap,” but yes – maybe a Yorkie.  Would that explain why I love the show, “It’s Me or the Dog,” because it’s helping me set my sights on the next cutie I can anthropomorphize and spoil?  Even though, if you’ve watched the show you know treating your cat, dog or what have you like its human is something Victoria Stillwell, the host, loathes.  I mean have you seen the animals?  Have you seen some of the people with them.  Have you ever noticed how the spoiled appear as though they know they are pampered?  I know indulging them is a girly thing – it’s just something we do.  My husband complains because he does not want to be seen ( six feet both ways) walking a Yorkie.  But, you know what?  I know him, he would love it, and even though I want the puppy, it would probably only want to be with him (that’s happened before).  Because, again that’s the magic he emits to children and beasts (see Under the Influence).

My husband’s business partner had two Chihuahua’s when we met her in 2005, then a couple of years passed and our little Summer, the short-haired gold-colored sweetie became ill and passed away.  I think to pacify her loss she then went out, and purchased another pup.  Here we are in 2011, and she has acquired three more babies (five in total).  When is enough, enough?  I personally don’t believe you can replace a special family member with another.  My parakeet, for instance, yes-lived eighteen years, and no one believed that. Ah, I loved him, and cried for two weeks when he died.  Sometimes, while on the telephone, my husband would chastise him, and the caller would ask if we had a dog.  This happened many times, but the stupid bird responded to his demands that way.

I don’t know how all of this came about, but we still laugh about it today, and he’s been gone thirteen years.  He loved me, and would sit on my shoulder as I did dishes or as I walked around.  He never wanted my husband to touch him.  If he got out of hand; took flight wherever he wanted – my husband would stand at the cage, and tap his finger at the opening.  While doing that, he would call his name and say “come on.”  He seemed to know that if he didn’t do what he had been ordered, my husband would literally catch him.  So, under duress he would make his way back to his cage, protesting all the way with his weird vocal disapproval.  How could I ever expect to replace such a personality.  Okay, enough about my beloved bird.

Each of our live-ins had its own personality like a person, as I am sure yours does. Since my husband started in this business, the stories I could tell involving how special they are to their owners would keep you entertained for days.  Their personalities would also keep you in stitches.  But for those of us who love, and have household pets, how could we get along without the darlings.  Please, take a minute, make a suggestion on what I should get next, and tell me a little about your special member of the family.


2 thoughts on “Our Household Pets

  1. This is the mathmatics of our household. It is dominated by: 4 cats + 1 Cairn terrier + 1 canary + 1 green-cheeked conure. We also have a 7 year old girl. My partner is a Grooming Salon manager and I was an assistant manager for the same pet store. That was the perfect place for us to meet, since neither of us will ever give up our animals. So our house is filled with many personalities, each one very unique.

    I enjoyed your blog! I am also a writer and you can read more about our fur and feather family on mine. http://www.reflectionsbyronnie.blogspot.com


    • Whew!!! I’m exhausted just reading of your household. I don’t know how you do it. I will make it over to your site to find out about your fur and feather family. Thanks for stopping by, come again soon. !end.

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