Follow The Rules

At a young age we learn social skills, then we begin to put them into play; simple, rudimentary skills such as – listening, sharing or saying please and thank you.  But, then somewhere along the way, some lose these abilities.  There are those who develop a sense of indebtedness, because life has not been kind.  Or maybe it’s just, while they are being taught way back when, a person is made to think they are special or their status in the community or at the bank excludes them, which means the rules don’t apply.  Coming into my favorite spot the other day – you guessed it – the Post Office – yeap, here we go again.  While driving through the small entrance (room enough for one car) another vehicle that had backed into a nearby spot, pulled out, and almost ran me over exiting by way of the entrance.  He also gave me a stare as though I had been the one causing the confusion.  I’m thinking, nine out of ten times whoever does these types of things is the one who reasons – “they owe me.”

Isn’t it funny how the rest of us “walk the chalk line” while living in the same cosmos with those who simply refuse to follow the rules.  I don’t believe it’s that difficult; so you want to walk to your own beat.  Why can’t that tempo lie within the limits?  The worse part of this is that it makes me so angry I have a difficult time controlling my own decorum.  I usually find myself throwing up my hands or yelling in my car.  Then, you know I would have to keep the incident to myself, because if the old man found out, I’d have an entire other situation/lecture on my hands – “There are lots of crazy people around, you can’t just shout at anyone nowadays,” on and on he would go.  All because someone refused to walk the line.

Let me share a couple of my favorite scenarios that jelly my jam. There is the individual who has totally forgot driver’s education and speeds to make a right turn (wherever that’s legal) even though you and your car (coming from the opposite direction) are inches away, with the blinker ticking. Or the aggressive driver bearing down on the tail of your vehicle, while darting in and out of traffic.  Spending an entire day in that impatient, fast-paced, and hard-line mode not only has to be exhausting, but a sure-fire route to health issues.  But, the winner would have to be the person boldly going into the fast food or bank drive-thru by way of the exit, while you are still making your way around the building to hit the window properly.  Sometimes, I’m left scratching my head wondering how some people think it’s all about them.

Nothing warrants mistreating or being rude to another human being, since we are all of the same species, and we should all get along.  Remember what I quoted my mother saying in my Peacemaker post. It’s time we realize when we remove our clothing at night we are all the same.  But, please understand, I’m not trying to embarrass anyone or step on any toes; just put the grocery cart back in the corral, and don’t enter the store by way of the exit.  I believe our Creator put us here to help each other, and it honors Him when we do the right thing instead of running about beating our chest, and shouting – “Whoo-hoo, over here, look at me, it’s all about me.”  What I’m talking about here is clear-cut social skills and following the rules.  I think it’s time someone said it –  the person this is really about, is not one of us.

Oh, also Deitz60033 suggested I hook a feed to my site.  At your request, you will find I have done just that.  Hope that helps, and thanks for the advice.

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