Chatting with Chris Redding

I want to, before hand, thank Chris Redding for taking the time from her busy schedule to answer a few questions and appear on my blog today.  Chris lives in New Jersey with her husband, two kids, one dog and three rabbits. She graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Journalism. When she isn’t writing, she works part-time for her local hospital.  Welcome Chris to Thursday’s Child.

With your new book, View To A Kilt, was that the name you picked?

Yes, that is my name. One of the beautiful things about being with small publishers are that they don’t usually change the name.

What inspired this particular book?

You are going to laugh. I wrote this one a few years ago so I don’t exactly remember the inspiration for it.

How did you decide you wanted to write suspense versus another genre?

The genre chose me. I kept trying to write straight romance and I’d end up with a dead body. Voila! Romantic Suspense.

Although your boys are older, how do you divvy your time between them, your husband, writing, tweeting and working at the hospital?

I wish I could tell you that I do a great job. During school I write for about an hour before work after everyone  leaves the house. Promotion is done when I can.

How do you feel about the changes in publishing, i.e. the new kindle; e-publishing and what have you?

I love, love, love the changes in the publishing industry. I was able to put my back list out on Kindle, which helps sell my current books. The authors have more control now. That’s important. I’ve also seen some great stuff from established authors out on Kindle that isn’t cookie cutter.

Back when we were critiquing, I remember I, as well as yourself, used to write by the seat of our pants.  Have you changed your format for writing at all?  What changes have you made?

I still am a pantster for my romance and romantic suspense stuff. I am also working on a middle grade novel, but I am plotting that out using the Hero’s Journey. I just think it lends itself to that.

Thinking more about our critique days, how does it feel to have your #4 book under your belt, so to speak, and a new contract for a 5th?

So cool!

The book you are working on now, Blonde Demolition, was that a title you chose?

Yes. Robert Crais had a book out titled Demolition Angel. I fell in love with it. Blonde Demolition, though not really like Crais’ book, was inspired by his book.

When I moved here to Virginia and our critique group sort of went on the shelf, I remember you saying that you found another group.  I know that in your opinion this is crucial.  Tell us why.

For me I need to have other people look at my stuff. Not everything I write is golden and it can only be improved by others seeing it.

I know I have mentioned in the past that in my first book, I fell in love with the hero.  Is there one particular character in any one book that you would have a problem saying no to if you met on the street (and you don’t need to show your husband this interview).

Trey from Blonde Demolition. He’s a bad boy. Let me explain. A bad boy is not dangerous in that he’s in trouble with the law or doesn’t make his rent. A bad boy is a rare man that actually gets women. I’ve known a few in my day. I know a few now. They are bad because they know how to get what they want and, better yet, how to REALLY make a woman happy. 

There you have it folks. We anxiously await her newest book Blond Demolition, but in the meantime, be certain to order A View To A Kilt.  Also, while you’re here, pop on over to my Picture page, and “View From The Roads,” all new pictures as promised – new month-new pics.

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