Maybe it’s the nice weather that has my mind on travel and exploring, I don’t know.  But, come with me.  I’m driving on a little stretch of Via Guglielmo Marconi Highway on my way to Le Sirenuse Hotel in Positano, Italy.  The breeze circles through my convertible, and hits me in the face as it whips under the brim of my straw hat.  I have to keep my attention on the road so as not to fly over the edge – off the Amalfi Coast into the Mediterranean sea below.  I’ve travelled from one village of white buildings and flowers to another.  Suddenly, I have to stop; a farmer is passing with his herd of sheep.  I remove my sunglasses, and lean over the door to pet one as they go by.  But, wait….where am I?  Oh….wait a minute….I’m sorry, I’m in Virginia.

I must say, I have loved to travel since my first trip on my own.  The travel bee stung, and if I’m not mistaken left the stinger in my neck, since my hunger grew from that point.  Sometimes, however, circumstances keep you tied down and you’re not able to satisfy that urge to journey.  Now, I don’t want to sound like or portray myself as a spokesperson for Google, but has anyone checked out “Google Earth?”

Since procrastination is closely associated with writing, this computer marvel has, on many occasions, taken my time and pulled me away from my make-believe residents in their fictional town.  In my dillydallying I don’t mind being alone because I use the hours to search new places I’d like to visit.  My co-worker frowned at me one day as I tried to explain the concept.  I guess  an explorer spirit is required for one to understand.  The application needs to come with a warning, however.  If there is only a hint of voyager hidden inside make certain to set an alarm of some sort, because the day will develop wings.

In my children’s book, The Wrought Iron Bridge, I will admit it is about a real true bridge.  Since I downloaded and surfed this site, I actually found that viaduct.  I hadn’t seen it since childhood.  The excitement it brought in realizing it had an actual name, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places caught me by total surprise.  I’ve also been known to go back to the old neighborhood in Brooklyn and Queens, and get this – to be able to drop down to street level, almost took my breath.  To sit at my computer here in Virginia and take a peek at Seventh Avenue in front of Madison Square Garden where my husband and I met or reminisce while I drive along the Road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii.  The entire experience gives a whole new sense to loitering.

To be able to map out a road trip from here to the west coast, an expedition I’d like to take one day, with every stop in between – from hotel to restaurant to sight-seeing stops is nothing short of extraordinary, with the help of a whole community of dreamers with e-mail addresses and cameras.  This neighborhood of people gladly upload their photos of all the interesting places along the way.  The businesses, hotels, restaurants and chambers (Chamber of Commerce)  have all contributed their info to overwork the brain. To explore the “World” and decide on a completely new place that piques the curiosity, and for me the award would have to go to Port Elizabeth, South Africa – the southern most town – on the Indian Ocean side.

As most writers sit and stare out of the window or walk around in deep thought, I simply click minimize – double-click on my globe, type an address and away I go.  Then, when my husband makes fun, I just remind him of the community.

Oh, one last thing, it has been one month since going live with this site.  Mosey on over to “View from The Roads,” as promised I have left pictures from another area here in Hampton Roads.  Happy trails.

Photo courtesy of iStock Photo

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