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In today’s post I decided to go Trade for a change, instead of…….uh…….well, the dart in the dart board thing.  Therefore, anyone reading this who is not in the “business,” may want to look away.  I am continuing my effort to try to find my niche in this blog community, and in doing so, have given myself headaches coming up with topics to write about that would interest anyone.  I must admit, since the loss of my mother, I’ve had a really hard time putting words to paper.  Although, I must say after that first post, the sentences have been gushing out of me like water over Victoria Falls.  And, it’s a good thing, because I had a fear my desire to write would soon prove as extinct as the Milkman.  Staying on topic, it has been difficult to drive, go to work, or even lay down; I have to do it all with pen and paper.

But, am I writing things worth reading?  Someone said to me, “I really didn’t know how to respond to your post because it wasn’t something that interested me.”  Okay, I’m a big girl, I can take criticism, but “Wow!!!”  Word Press, in their “Getting Started” section, takes one through a process to help find their place, if you will.  I’ve done that exercise, and all I come up with is writing.

Out here in Cyberspace there are blogs on fashion, music, and technique of every kind.  I’ve heard someone else say, write about your field of expertise – uh, um…..for me that would be cooking or travel – excuse me, done and done.  All right, now my head is spinning.  As a sister writer, Pamela Kinney says, she has epiphanies.  Okay, so I had one – invite some of those writers to explain how they choose topics to discuss and how often.  Keep in mind, these are women who are multi-published, with families and full schedules.  They also carve out time to write and polish their manuscripts, which by the way, is another topic down the cyberstreet and around the bend on another blog.  So, let’s see if I’m on the right track.

Irene Peterson

I’ve kept a journal since I was 15.  It is as natural to me to write as it is for me to breathe.  Whenever anything bothered me or excited me or disappointed me or intrigued me, I’d write about it.  That need to write has never left me.  So I write about anything and everything.  I also use the blog to create stories and document my everyday life.  Other people have set reasons for their blogs…I use mine strictly for myself.  It got me through chemotherapy, heartache, baldness and family problems.  It is my refuge.

Caridad Pineiro

I started blogging about five years ago, because I wanted people to learn more about me, and I wanted to meet new people.  To do that, I started blogging every day, writing short segments on whatever interested me that day; if I had seen a movie, I would write about that, a television show or a book I happened to be working on at the time.  Little by little people started visiting and as they did so, I realized that I needed to be more scheduled.  Based on what my visitors liked most, I developed theme days like Guilty Pleasures Monday with sexy guys or Wicked Wednesdays with even sexier excerpts.  I still blog every weekday and now mix in guest bloggers so my visitors meet new authors.

Beth Trissel

I’m rather eclectic and feature most anything that strikes my fancy—the reason I entitled my blog One Writer’s Way–but I do have a general theme that most of my posts fit into: “Historical and Light Paranormal Romance. Gardening with a focus on herbs, heirloom plants, and country life.”   To this I’ve added posts on great literature, including Winnie the Pooh & Eeyore, films, music, old Southern recipes, but that fits into country life.  I’m mad about great quotes and have done posts simply with witty or inspiring quotes and photographs.  When I first began my blog I didn’t have a clue, but have learned a lot about how to navigate blogger and Word Press.  I prefer the latter site, btw.  Traffic in those first months was slim but I average 200-350+ hits a day now so my readership is growing.

Pamela K. Kinney

I try to get a new post up every day or two, but some weeks the best I can manage is a new one every couple of days.  As I rarely have guests, I do most of them myself.   I enjoy my blog, though.  It’s my own little niche in cyber space and I love decorating it with lovely photographs taken by my talented family, or royalty free images I’ve purchase from istock (a great site) or found somewhere.  Another one of my favorite things to do is illustrate excerpts of my stories.  That can be quite a challenge to find images of people and places for historical settings, but when I’m finished they’re works of art. 

But when you’re a published author with other places to promote and a real life outside of the writing world, it is hard to think of something to write every day. So I have set aside Wednesdays and Fridays as theme days on both blogs.

Wednesdays and Fridays at is Weird Wednesday and Supernatural Friday.  Weird Wednesday will have photos of something strange.  Friday is a different subject on anything connected to the supernatural—whether on werewolves, paranormal investigating, another author’s guest blog or interview, a review of a book with the supernatural in it, or many other assorted things concerning this realm. has Hot Hunk Wednesday (with photos of hot hunks naturally!) and Romancing on Friday—anything to do with romance by me or a guest blogger.


So, I think my question has been answered.  It appears I may be on the right track after all.  I just need to keep plugging along.  I think what I’ve been getting at is – does the writer need to blog on syntax or the travel agent on the best airline versus the great guy she met while walking along the shore? Regardless of that little voice shouting in my brain, I’ll continue to ignore it, and write what’s in my heart until my readers demand otherwise.  I’d also like to send a BIG thank you to all my guests today for their time, expertise, and insight.

Blogosphere & Traffic sign photos courtesy of iStockPhoto

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