Cyberspace is Infinite

After stepping off the Cybertram I made my way to this new space.  I must say, as I peered around, I could only shout – “Hello world. WOW!!!…..Cyberspace is as infinite as the Milky Way.” I had some difficulty getting here, but hey, I overcame.  I can tell eventful will be the name of this trip.  Okay, so what’s on my mind today?

Not that I want to begin my blog with a complaint, but I need to vent. The town in which I live has a sort of undeclared rule – the pedestrian always has the right of way. The other day, I got in my car and left for my part-time job.  I made my way to the post office to pick up the office mail.  After which, I got back in my automobile and took off again.  I drove along, doing thirty in a twenty-five; the parked vehicles stretched as far as one could see.  (Yeah-yeah, I know, it’s usually thirty-five in a twenty-five, but where I live – I don’t think so).  Okay, out of nowhere, a body pops right into the street – ear buds in ears, and never lifting their head or even an eyeball to indicate they were aware of my presence.  Of course, I hit my brakes due to surprise.  As I travel most days with my music, it’s a good thing my iPod had not demanded my attention.

Now, I’ve learned the unpublished law, but my husband says, once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.  He says this being a completely different animal, because he’s from New Jersey.  In any event, would someone think they were so privileged, he/she could not even flinch, and appear to even peer in the direction of the approaching hazard?  Not to even draw back?  Cringe?  Really?  I could also tell that deep thought had nothing to do with their inability to turn the head.  After a scrutinizing stare, I detected the air of advantage oozing from their clothes, which I’m certain is the reason this person thought they didn’t need to check for oncoming traffic.  Now, of course, a driver would never deliberately plow down a pedestrian.  But, in the same vein, would not that pedestrian want to protect his or her own life?  Do I think this way only because I’m from New York?  That reason makes no sense.

In my opinion, privileges will not stop a one ton hunk of metal.  Then again, let’s think about it. Will an unspoken decree keep one alive or should simple common sense trigger a nerve in the brain to lift the head; maybe at least send a message to flit an eyeball toward the approaching threat.  On the other hand, silent principle or right out there in the open rule, I have learned to NEVER trust man or wo-man in this case. New York, San Francisco or Anywhereville, at least look as though you know – or care, maybe?

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